How to avoid war?Zelensky proposed a plan that Biden said yes to, but was rejected

2022-06-14 0 By

As the Ukrainian crisis has reached its present stage, the intentions and interest demands of all parties in this crisis have been basically laid bare.The United States is the main architect and instigator of the crisis, while Ukraine, as a party, has little say in the matter.But Zelensky’s latest conversation with Biden was full of drama.On February 13, local time, Zelensky spoke with Biden about the situation in Ukraine, ACCORDING to CCTV News.In the call, Mr. Zelensky first said his government was ready for anything, but that Ukraine sought a peaceful solution.He also stressed the need to stop any escalation of the situation in Ukraine.Mr. Zelensky also extended an invitation to Mr. Biden to visit Kiev in person, saying it would help defuse the situation.While the United States continues to play up the war crisis, Sullivan made a new statement on the situation in Ukraine, saying the United States will continue to support Ukraine, but if war breaks out, the U.S. military will not choose to fight in the war.The US statement is very interesting.If it is going to stand firmly behind Ukraine, the Americans say, it will have to deter Russia, or at least not explicitly say that it will not get involved militarily, so that if It does, it will be deterred.But by saying it will not send troops to the war, the United States is telling Russia in no uncertain terms that it is abandoning Ukraine.The US is constantly talking tough to Russia, but not taking any military action. In fact, it only wants to provoke a war between Russia and Ukraine because it is in its interest.When the war breaks out, Europeans worry about whether Russia will bring it closer to home, especially in countries close to Russia such as Poland and Germany.For Europe, its own defense capacity is limited, except France has a certain military strength, Europe can only be forced to close to the United States at this time, seeking the protection of the United States military.Once Europe falls into the panic of war, a large amount of European capital will flee to the United States as a safe haven, and Europe will be further kidnapped by the United States, which can take the opportunity to harvest Europe in a big way.For Russia, this war will not solve its own security problems, because Europe will then become even more hostile to Russia.Moreover, a war would cost a lot of money, and Russia itself would inevitably be subject to western sanctions.So Russia doesn’t have much to gain from this fight, and if it does, there will be no winners on the periphery except for the United States.Zelensky understood that, which is why he stressed in his phone call with Biden that there should be no escalation, which is meant to be heard by the United States.From Ukraine’s point of view, Russia and Ukraine remain in opposition, and Ukraine can obtain more aid from the West, such as the previous batches of military aid from the United States.However, Ukraine’s limited strength also leads to its limited voice in this crisis. After receiving benefits, it cannot avoid being pushed into the fire pit by the United States.Now Ukraine is clearly angry with the United States for sensationalizing the crisis, which has led to massive capital flight.In addition, the fear that ukrainians are living in is putting great pressure on Zelensky’s government.Mr. Zelensky chose not to break with the United States, because Ukraine’s current situation still requires American support, even verbal support, such as the promise of sanctions against Russia.But Mr. Zelensky’s strategy of inviting Mr. Biden to Kiev puts the United States in a quandary.For some time now, the United States has been playing up the possibility of war, giving a precise date of Feb. 16, but if Biden were invited to Kiev, that rumor would be dispelled and tensions in Ukraine would be calmed.At the same time, Mr. Biden’s visit to Kiev amounted to a clear endorsement of Ukraine.Said the United States has to give support to the Ukraine, to efforts to alleviate the situation, so now jersey even explicitly puts forward a method to alleviate the situation, the United States should promise, but biden selection was invited to visit Kiev possibility is not big, biden not only I have not positive response to visit invitation, at the same time, White House officials say the chances of Joe biden, visited Ukraine almost non-existent.By inviting Mr. Biden, Mr. Zelensky has thrown the ball in Mr. Biden’s court and, should the administration choose to decline, opened the world’s eyes to the ugly role of the United States in the Ukraine crisis.