Digital operation improves suning, Tesco and Haier innovation cooperation model

2022-06-14 0 By

On February 17, Suning Tesco and Haier held the 2022 strategy docking and spring launch meeting to clarify the cooperation goals and business strategies for 2022.At the same time, in view of the coming spring home appliance consumption season, the two sides jointly formulated the main promotion strategy of spring home decoration Festival, health rejuvenation Festival, home appliance decoration festival and other outbreak nodes.At the end of 2021, Suning Tesco and Haier made clear the strategic cooperation goal of 300 billion yuan.Facing the development of the home appliance market in 2022, both parties will focus on the user value, improve the digitalization capability of the whole process of business, strengthen the operation capability of users and members, build a healthy and quality home appliance scene, drive the innovation and upgrading of cooperation mode, and improve cooperation efficiency.Relying on the digital platform, both parties will realize the integration of the member system, improve the member operation system, and focus on the full-link operation of users.For the retail cloud channel cooperation, both parties will optimize the after-sales process through digital efficiency improvement, realize the whole process visualization and delivery integration, and improve user experience.In terms of digital marketing, Suning Will carry out digital play activities with Haier, such as special live broadcast of Douyin and full reduction of complete sets of home appliances.In terms of scene experience, the two sides plan to build 300 three-winged bird scene experience halls.On January 15, the first “four-in-one” store of home decoration, household appliances, home furnishing and service of Suning Shopping was launched in Xiaoling Wei Business District, Nanjing. The first Three-winged Bird experience center jointly launched by Haier and Suning Shopping was launched in Nanjing to create an immersive “home environment” for users.It is reported that in 2022, the two sides will introduce customized, home decoration, home ecological brand stationed in cooperation, to meet the whole process of user experience and services.For Haier’s high-end brand Cassady, the two sides will also strive for the goal of no.1 in high-end market share in 2022 through the promotion of front-end home appliances and scene layout.Since December last year, Suning Tesco and Haier have been in the southeast and northwest of the four regions held casadi mobilization meeting.By optimizing core channel construction, product strategy and promotional activities, the two sides will realize the blasting of key areas.In 2022, both sides will hold more than 2,400 tasting experience activities to help achieve the goal.Xu Meng, Vice President of Haier Zhijia and General manager of China, said: “In the new industry environment, Haier and Suning tesco continue to deepen their cooperation, and jointly explore the cutting-edge trend of industry development and create greater value by creating a benchmark for the combination of quality products and high-quality channels based on user needs.”Ren Jun, president of Suning Tesco Group, said: “Household appliances consumption quality, intelligent, scene, customization trend is significant, good products and good service is the market demand.Suning Will give full play to its advantages, transform and upgrade from product sales to providing solutions, and jointly expand the new development ecology of home appliance industry through in-depth cooperation with Haier.”As a long-term strategic partner, Haier and Suning Tesco continue to deepen cooperation in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, finance, marketing, sinking market and other aspects, and jointly create collaborative development innovation samples.On January 28, Haier Suning Management Company was officially inaugurated. The 150-person haier team entered suning Tesco headquarters to carry out joint office.The two sides have further deepened the building of organizational mechanisms, achieved comprehensive information exchange, accelerated implementation and improved business efficiency.