“Beautiful village line” Yangchun March Tong Wei public security traffic police in the field

2022-06-12 0 By

Yangchun March, is a busy farming season, is the majority of people grab spring sowing time, low speed truck, tractor, electric three wheel and other agricultural machinery violations manned cargo has occurred, to prevent and reduce the occurrence of rural traffic accidents, recently,The traffic police brigade of Tongwei County Public Security Bureau combined with the current “thunder escort” action, “reduction control” and “one helmet area” and other special actions, organized police staff to carry out traffic safety laws and regulations publicity activities in the field.Activities, propaganda and police explained through examples, the promotional materials for the form, to the masses propaganda, drink driving, motorcycle driving without a license is not in accordance with the provisions, to wear safety helmet, unlicensed road, agricultural vehicles, overspeed overload illegal manned serious traffic violations such as serious harmfulness, and in the traffic accident cases happened in around,Guide and educate traffic participants to consciously resist all kinds of traffic illegal behaviors, strengthen their own safety, cherish life, law-abiding travel.