One thing, think through is heaven, think impassable is hell

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Life and death is a matter of a second, a matter, think through is heaven, think impassability is hell.Since live, must live well.Sometimes, a moment to understand, relieved, the next second and think impassability.It’s a constant cycle every day.Road, impassability, choose to turn;Heart, unhappy, choose to see light;Love, gradually far, choose at will.Some things, quite a, on the past.Some people, ruthless ruthless, just forget.Some bitter, a smile, on the ice.Have a heart, hurt a hurt, strong.Bumpy road of life, tan calm however with fate.The greatest pain in life is not having too little, but wanting too much.People’s desire is endless, desire is too strong, will cause all kinds of pain and trouble.The less desire you have, the easier and happier your life will be.Therefore, to pursue the happiness of life, we must maintain a normal mind, indifferent to the success and failure, tolerance of others right and wrong, beyond the trouble…How wide the heart, the road of life is wide.Life is too short to care too much about it, and too much about the pros and cons.If you see light, heart wide, those so-called gains and losses but so.Tolerance is a kind of rationality, reflects a person’s cultivation and tolerance.Tolerance, in fact, is to give way to their own mind.Tolerant people…Look at everything, be kind to yourself, everyone has experienced a lot of things, but also to do a lot of things in the future, so learn to look at some of the sadness of the past and now the trouble, cherish now.How many edges and edges we lose, how many unique characters we lose, because of the judgment of others;The longer we care, the less we know whether we are living for ourselves or for others.No matter for things or people, we just need to do our duty. We should not establish intimate relationships with too many people, and we should not open our hearts and lungs just because of intimate relationships. We should not make superficial remarks and stop at the right time.Come close when you’re comfortable, stay away when you’re tired.With who is comfortable with who together, this world has made people very tired, at least oneself do not embarrass yourself, live happy than what is important.Don’t find happiness in other people’s eyes, otherwise forever sad.Don’t look for dignity in others’ mouth, otherwise you will always be humble.Love oneself sincerely, do own master, life can have comfortable, can show incisively and vividly, leave no regret!If you feel tired one day, you will have the chance to be your true self. Don’t care what others say. Silence is always golden.People live tired, because can control your mood of things too much.The change of weather, the change of human nature, the change of scenery will affect your mood.And you can’t control them.See light, the day is nothing more than cloudy and sunny, but people gather and scatter, vicissitudes of life, my heart is not surprised, natural stability.To live in the present, to be comfortable with your choices, and to take full responsibility for every choice you make, is sunny.You don’t know until you meet all kinds of people!It turns out that no one in the world will give you heart out!No one will believe you unconditionally, and no one will be nice to you all the time!You should have known!It will be black!People will change!Life is so long!What a long way!So hard!You can only rely on yourself, there is no other choice, so learn to take care of yourself, love yourself, protect yourself!Some things just don’t deserve to be forgiven, have nothing to do with generosity;Each has his own bottom line, do wrong, should consider to pay for their mistakes.Not every sorry, can change back a no matter, cherish!One thing, think through is heaven, think impassable is hell.Since live, to live well.Sometimes we are too narrow-minded, too concerned about the trivia around and lose more than gain.Whether something can cause trouble or annoyance depends entirely on how we look at it and deal with it.Don’t always take everything seriously, don’t be obsessive, don’t be too face-saving, don’t be petty.Don’t care, is a kind of open-minded, a free and easy.