Interesting mathematical problems from monkey and peach problems to sequence construction

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There are a lot of peaches on the beach is the public property of five monkeys, they hope to divide equally, morning just dawn, the first monkey came, it left and right, and other monkeys do not come, they began to divide the peaches into five piles, there is still 1.It dispenses justice and decisively throws the undistributable peach into the sea, taking one of the five piles.The second monkey comes.He did not know what had just happened and thought he was the first monkey, so he divided the peaches into five piles, but there was still one more.He threw this one away and took the other pile.And so on, every monkey that comes, does the same thing.Excuse me: the original at least how many peaches?It is said that this question was put forward by The British physicist and Nobel Prize winner Dirac.In the spring of 1979, American physicist Li Zhengdao asked the same question to the young students of the University of Science and Technology of China.At that time, no one was able to give an answer on the spot, so this question is a bit difficult.Learn the hard way.Can you solve this problem?Let’s start with a0 peaches, a1 after the first monkey left, a2 after the second monkey left…The number of peaches after the NTH monkey left is an. The number of peaches after the n monkey left is an. The number of peaches after the n monkey left is an.Isn’t it fun to learn math this way?