The second day of the Chinese New Year fell below 1 billion yuan, the biggest drop in the same period in history

2022-06-10 0 By

On February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year, 508,000 screenings were held nationwide, with 17.65 million audiences. According to preliminary statistics, the box office reached 985 million, with a total of 1.076 billion.# This killer isn’t too cool # 204 million, 417 million total;# Sihai # 101 million, 327 million in total;# Bear-boomerang: Return to Earth #98 million, total 210 million;# Miracle # Dumb Kid #92 million, 273 million total;# Snipers #30 million, 78.02 million total;# Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf basket out of the future # 12.6 million, total 49.36 million;# Xiaohudun Hero # 3.3 million, a total of 10.69 million;# Exclusive Headlines # 1.8 million, total 3.79 million;On the second day of the year, the market dropped 32%, the national one-day box office has lost 1 billion mark, only barely higher than the sixth day of the last year (980 million).The one-day drop on the second day was much larger than the same period last year (-19%), and also larger than the same period in 2019 (-31%), marking the biggest drop during the same period of the Spring Festival in recent years. The market was also lower than the same day in 2019.Watergate Bridge increased its screenings to around 165,000 in the next day and grossed another 440 million yuan in a single day, down 31% from its opening day and significantly higher than Detective Tang 3 (down 19% the next day) in the same period last year.The film’s cumulative box office has surpassed 1 billion yuan in two days, making it the first film of the year and the 93rd in mainland film history to join the “1 billion club”.The average price of the film fell slightly to 56.2 yuan the next day, still far above normal levels, and even with the apparent price cut, audiences driven away by high ticket prices are not likely to return.The pattern of the second tier has been reshuffled, “The Killer is not too calm” the next day box office only a small 4%, reverse “Four Ocean” rose to the second place in one day, two days cumulative box office has broken 400 million.”Four Seas” dropped 55.3% from the opening day, the next day’s box office only barely broke the 100 million mark, the release of a total of 300 million, only just more than “Pegasus” opening day.”Wonder stupid” is on track to cross the $300 million mark.The box office of boonie Bears After Earth dropped 6.7% the next day, and the trend is not much different from the previous series at the same time in history. The single-day box office again broke 100 million and the daytime box office once exceeded four Seas, and the cumulative box office of 2 days has broken 200 million.”Sniper” box office also fell nearly 40 percent the next day, the overall trend is relatively mediocre, but tomorrow will pick up.On the third day of the New Year, the market ranking continued to change, the champion “Changjin Lake watergate Bridge” single day screening ratio maintained at 33%, still in the first place with a significant advantage.The trend is better “The Killer is not too calm” in the first three days of the day accounted for 21.3%, against the “Four Seas” and other films have clearly opened the gap.Wonder & Dumb Kids regained its lead over Four Seas (12.5%) (11.7%).”Sniper” also rose slightly on its third day.