Repair of reinforced concrete outside chimney wall

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2.1.1 Repair of reinforced concrete damage on chimney outer cylinder wall chimney derusting end, qualified experience, agree to brush paint, can brush paint.Next to its treatment of the surface rust primer brush again, finish paint brushing again.Paint evenly without flow, no leakage brush and other defects.2.1.2 Paint blending for repair of damaged reinforced concrete of chimney outer cylinder wall shall be made in strict accordance with the standard index stipulated in paint Coating “Use Guide” and product use manual. Paint blending and paint blending shall be carried out by professional personnel, who shall carefully read, clarify and understand product instructions, strictly proportion ratio and master paint blending concentration.Special containers and tools must be used for paint blending. The amount of paint blending should be strictly tracked to ensure that the amount of paint is used up on the same day.The paint surface after construction shall not appear pinhole, crack, fall off, leakage coating.The coating is smooth and flat, no running, scratching and orange peel are allowed.2.1.3 The interval of each painting shall be no less than 4 hours. The next painting procedure shall be carried out only with the consent of Party A. The paint surface shall have the same tone and be evenly coated without leakage or flow hanging.2.1.3 Seriously inspect and repair the lightning protection facilities on the top of the reinforced concrete damage repair of the outer wall of the chimney.The replacement, according to the original design requirements for replacement;After the maintenance of the lightning rod, the resistance test must be carried out, and the requirements of the lightning protection design must be reached.2.2.1 The surface of power tools after rust removal shall be dry, free from oil, oxide scale, rust and dust, and shall meet the provisions of the national standard “Rust Grade and Rust Grade of Steel Surface before painting”.2.2.2 For severely corroded parts, use electric Angle mill and electric mesh brush to thoroughly clean the dirt, welding slag, rust and oxide skin on the metal surface, especially (included Angle, dead Angle) and other parts, so that the surface of the base shows obvious metallic luster.2.2.3 For parts that are difficult to be polished, remove floating rust and paint leather with alloy steel shovel, scraper, hand hammer, steel wire brush and emery cloth, and polish them until they reveal metallic luster.2.2.4 If there is grease and dirt locally on the surface, local treatment measures can generally be adopted;Large area or all have, can use cotton yarn dips in organic solvent to undertake cleaning.3.1 After the acceptance of the substrate surface treatment, the construction party shall finish the first layer of coating within 4h to prevent the surface from being contaminated again.