22 o ‘clock at night!Wuhan team senior response to Hao Junmin post for salary: wages are sent, the poor bonus

2022-06-10 0 By

At 22 o ‘clock in the evening of February 16, Beijing time, reporter Shi Wei contacted the senior management of wuhan team, and the response was that what Hao Junmin said on the social platform was not the whole truth.At 13 o ‘clock this afternoon, Hao Junmin suddenly voiced his voice on the social platform, complaining wuhan team arrears his salary and bonus, promised to solve by the end of the year, but there is no actual progress up to now.Later, Huang Zichang, Tian Yinong, Yang Boyu, Ye Zhongqiu and Zhao Honglue also asked the Wuhan team for their salaries on social media platforms, with Tian Yinong claiming that he had been in arrears since the beginning of last year.Sources to The Football Daily said wuhan had paid back wages twice in the middle of last season, but had failed to solve the problem.A senior management of wuhan team said to reporter Shi Wei: “Hao Junmin’s contract salary has been issued, and part of the winning bonus has not been issued.Clubs are under financial pressure more or less in this environment and other clubs are in similar situations.Tian Xudong, chairman of Wuhan Football Club, responded that The content published by Hao junmin is not true and they are meeting to solve the problem.This time last year, three players, Zhou Tong, Liu Yi and Jiang Zilai, protested for their salaries at the same time. As a result, a number of Wuhan players stood by the club, one after another to deny the unpaid salary of the team, and criticized the three former teammates for not being worthy of the bonus.Now Wuhan team once again caught in the back salary scandal, Wuhan team still insists that breaking promises not to pay wages is not true.At 22 o ‘clock in the evening, Wuhan team’s official social platform also officially voiced, mainly mentioned two points.The first point is to rename “Wuhan Team” to “Wuhan Yangtze River Team”.The second point is that we want the players to take a pay cut and then we can come back and talk about last season’s salary.