Xiaopeng Automobile won the new force delivery champion for three consecutive quarters by delivering 35,000 units in the first quarter

2022-06-09 0 By

On April 1, 2022, Xiaopeng Automobile announced its delivery results in March and the first quarter of 2022.Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 15,414 units in March, up 148% month-on-month and 202% year-on-year, again winning the monthly champion.Despite the epidemic and supply chain challenges, xiaopeng’s cumulative delivery volume in the first quarter still reached 34,561 units, 2.6 times that of the same period last year, again exceeding the upper limit of financial guidance.By the end of the first quarter of 2022, Xiaopeng Automobile has won the new force delivery champion for three consecutive quarters and its cumulative delivery volume has exceeded 170,000 units.In terms of single model delivery, xiaopeng P7 delivered 9183 units in March, creating a new record for pure electric models of New Force.Xiaopeng P5, another hot selling model, delivered 4,398 units in March, totaling 10,486 units in the first quarter, up 38% from the fourth quarter of last year.The G3 series delivered 1,833 units.The reporter noted that since 2022, in the context of high oil prices, the vehicle cost advantage of electric vehicles over fuel vehicles has significantly expanded, and intelligent electric vehicles continue to be in short supply.In order to accelerate the delivery of the large number of in-hand orders brought in from 2021, as well as the new orders this year, Xiaopeng automobile completed the technical transformation of its Zhaoqing plant during the Spring Festival.Enter the second quarter, xiaopeng automobile a number of best-selling models will usher in a comprehensive force.With a rich product matrix and a forward-looking distribution of sales, service and charging network, Xiaopeng will accelerate to meet the ever-expanding market demand.(Editing by Zhang Mingfu)