Only in the country!This national industrial innovation center has been settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone

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On March 23, the opening ceremony of the National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center was held in Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City, marking the first state-level industrial innovation center in Sichuan province officially landed in Chengdu High-tech Zone.As the only approved national industrial innovation center in the field of medicine and health, the landing of the National Precision Medicine Industrial Innovation Center will help regional industrial circle strong chain development, further improve the ability of innovation strategy, and seize the commanding heights in the field of global medicine and health strategy.Set up four big industry innovation platform leading precision medical industry output value exceeds 100 billion yuan scale national industrial innovation center is the national important three innovation platform (one of the industry, technology, manufacturing), take the enterprise leading, colleges and universities cooperation, new modes, such as multivariate investment by integrating agglomeration high-end innovation resources, build efficient cooperation innovation network,We will carry out disruptive technological innovation in strategic areas, the development, promotion and application of advanced and applicable industrial technologies, the r&d and supply of systematic technological solutions, and the investment incubation of high-growth science and technology enterprises, and establish only one national industrial innovation center in each sector.The National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center located in Chengdu High-tech Zone is the only approved national industrial innovation center in the field of medicine and health.In 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a “national industrial innovation center construction work guidelines (trial)”, in the country set up a number of national industrial innovation center, foster new momentum of economic development, by the end of 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) across the country were approved smart casting, advanced in the field of polymer materials, biological breeding seven national industry innovation centre.Precision medical industry innovation center led by west China hospital of sichuan university, combined precision medical industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, science and technology services and investment institutions set up together, in July 2021, approved by the “precision medical industry innovation center in sichuan province”, and by the National Development and Reform Commission in January 19, formal approval for the “national industrial innovation center”.Construction content: Three key generic technology platforms for accurate diagnosis, accurate treatment and accurate evaluation, and one supporting platform for the strategic resource base of precision medicine, to promote scientific and technological innovation, transfer, transformation and industrialization of achievements, and form a batch of key core technologies that are “stuck in the neck”.Total investment: 1.052billion yuan at the initial stage.Operation Unit: Chengdu Huaxi Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center Co., Ltd. is responsible for operation and management.At the event,Genomics, west China hospital of sichuan university and shenzhen co., LTD., the biological group co., LTD., source Concorde cells in gene engineering co., LTD., Shanghai pharmaceutical group co., LTD., chengdu hi-tech investment group co., LTD., chengdu science and technology services group co., LTD., such as administration, production, study and research, information and five parties cooperation unit respectively signed the “build the national medicine accuratelyIndustrial Innovation Center Cooperation Agreement, and jointly build the project of “Precision Medicine Industrial Innovation Center”.Expected future 3 to 5 years, the country’s precision medical industry innovation center will effectively integrate all kinds of precision medical industry innovation resources, in cell therapy, tumor targeting drugs and vaccine research and development, medical 3 d printing and in key technologies such as artificial intelligence (ai) reach the leading domestic, international advanced level, and providing public services in industry field,It has gathered more than 600 industry-university-research cooperative units and acquired more than 1,000 important independent intellectual property rights, driving the precision medicine industry to exceed 100 billion yuan in output value.The landing of the National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center will help regional industrial circle strong chain development, further enhance the ability of innovation strategy, seize the commanding heights of the global pharmaceutical and health strategic field.The approval of the National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center will provide an important platform and development opportunity for the innovation and development of the biomedical industry in Chengdu High-tech Zone.The construction of the key technology platform of the second phase of frontier medical Center is an important part of the industrial development, while the perfect enterprise platform service system is the core of building the “core” business environment of biomedical industry.In recent years, in accordance with the concept of “full chain, full cycle and full service”, Chengdu High-tech Zone has introduced 99 functional platforms in the field of biomedical industry, including national parallel laboratories, trillion-level DNA drug screening platform for leading drugs, and Huaxihai New Drug Safety Evaluation Center.It has initially formed a life-cycle innovation service system from drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical research, registration and application, large-scale production, and marketing.Since the project preparation, chengdu high-tech zone to give the support of a very large, not only in advance frontier medical center for a project in chengdu reserved the carrier, also in the aspect of project planning, talent introduction, project investment and financing offer services, to speed up the project into operation schedule, commercialization and industrialization of technology transfer for precision medical center to do all kinds of services,Chengdu West China Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center Co., LTD.The Chengdu Frontier Medical Center, co-built by Chengdu High-tech Zone and Sichuan University, focuses on innovative research in the fields of precision medicine, regenerative medicine, 3D printing and organ repair, carries out industrial technological innovation and achievement transformation, and is committed to becoming a new core and source of biomedical innovation and development in Chengdu.Up to now, Chengdu Frontier Medical Center has introduced three national platforms, namely national Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center, Frontier Science Center of Disease Molecular Network, and National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases, 56 high-level RESEARCH and development projects, and more than 10 sichuan University professors’ entrepreneurial enterprises.In the next step, Chengdu High-tech Zone will further promote the establishment of the center, integrate multiple resources, and accelerate the industrialization of innovation achievements by optimizing platform management and operation, investment promotion and cultivation.At the same time, we will actively strive for more national innovation platforms such as Tianfu Jincheng Laboratory, which will strongly support the development of chengdu biomedical industry.Source: Biological Industry Development Bureau of Chengdu High-tech Zone