As the saying goes: “women are afraid of noon, men are afraid of midnight,” the taboo when children are born, there is no reason

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The development of everything has its own rules and balance, and also has its unique relativity, in other words, many things have two sides, they are opposite to each other, and complement each other on the basis of the contradiction of continuous development, such as the Yin and Yang polarization proposed by Taoism, which also reveals to the world that everything has positive and negative sides.So both in life and work, we must follow the law of development of objective things, must not black and white and reverse, inversion of Yin and Yang, otherwise the consequences could be very serious, and this kind of cognition are the ancients applied to life, and then derive the common saying: “female born afraid of noon, male fear” in the midnight, saying this is associated with yin-yang theory has deep,Is there some truth to all this?01 inheritance and use of the doctrine of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang theory originated from the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, by JiGuoRen Zou Zi set, he pointed out that there is Yin and Yang, everything has two sides, and combined with the five elements of elaborated based on between different things, perhaps in the present society, people are more advocate the idea of scientific and rational, so the cognition of the ancient,They thought it was just a product of feudal times, so these theories gradually faded out of people’s view with the development of history.Can we go back to think about it, the ancients have put forward the ideas and concepts are not unreasonable, from the perspective of the direction of large is has a profound meaning, we live in a world with the north and south poles, the whole earth is a great magnetic field, contradictory single from this example for the theory of yin-yang theory can be confirmed as well.And according to the development and evolution of a lot of things to see in nature, both in humans and other animals and plants in has more change with the passage of time, lots of things tend to have an interest, have some delicate connection between all kinds of plants and animals, sometimes forming mutual restraint or attached connection.In addition, Yin and Yang can also on behalf of the day and the night, the day is usually is refers to the sunny weather, a sunny often give a person the sense of physical and mental pleasure, but instead to the night, the darkness can let a person extremely insecure, instinctive survival consciousness, for the unknown always prepared himself in the dark night,In addition, a drop in the temperature at night can also make people feel cold and gloomy, so in general, there is some truth to the Yin and Yang theory. Maybe some of it is beyond the scope of scientific explanation, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily fallacious.Why are women afraid of being born at noon and men afraid of being born at midnight?In fact, such a statement also combines the concept of Yin and Yang. In the eyes of ancient people, men belong to Yang while women belong to Yin, so it would be better for women to be born in Yin, that is, at night. Similarly, it would be better for men to be born in Yang, that is, during the day.Once appear, the opposite situation, should belong to Yin woman was born in Yang, was supposed to belong to man is born in the Yin Yang, which led to these men and women born a birth horoscope chaos, the so-called birth horoscope, namely every one of us was born date and time of a digital, plain maybe in our eyes, can say without any meaning,Available in ancient people’s eyes, some fortune teller may, according to a person’s birth horoscope to predict the fate of the people in the future, and even the length of life, so that a person’s birth horoscope is especially important in ancient times, even some large house in the mating will pay more attention to their children when both sides are the eight matches.On the hand, the ancients for a birth horoscope of value is far beyond our imagination, who all hope I can have a good birth horoscope, say not really as people preaching of fantasy, but at least not for this small matter lost his pride, or are people said that their fate is bad, but then again,When a person’s birth date is confused, Yin and Yang can be reversed.Like the ancients said, was born in Yang woman, because is affected by noon masculinity, outgoing personality, talk is careless, character also is likely to be provocative road, and the ancients to the requirement of women and aesthetic, tend to be like the tender but, for these outgoing nature also don’t beg for man’s love.By contrast, instead, was born in Yin lack masculinity, influenced by Yin qi or is born sickly, or too weak and indecisive, such a man lacks enough courage and determination to do things, it is not easy to success in the future belongs to his great work, and in ancient times is based on the agricultural country, and man is the main labor force,If a boy is born weak, instead of supporting a family’s future, he will become a drag.03 wrong ideas and wonderful period may, of course, a child’s birth date and time are not we can control and predict, in this matter can only let nature take its course, so for the boy and the girl was born when ren, who cannot control but I’m really in the above this kind of situation?The ancients naturally had their magic trick. They would foster their children in other families for a few years. The boys who lacked Yang qi would be placed in families with more masculine qi, and the girls who lacked Yin qi would be placed in families with more feminine qi.Clearly the meaning expressed by the saying no scientific reason, even under the feudal era of a backward ideas, not the value and significance of the lineage, the notion of this kind of mistake will hinder the progress of social thought, will be bound to the liberation of people’s thoughts, so everyone should have a correct values, standing in the point of view of science up to look at some things.Actually whenever birth can affect a person’s fate, a child’s health is affected by many factors, genetic factors, also have the change of the environment, and character cultivation and its family situation and there is a direct link between high and low education level, and is often a child has plasticity, not decided good since birth.04 Conclusion In a word, this kind of paradox is not reasonable and has no research significance. It is just a wrong idea influenced by yin-Yang theory. Now, we naturally have to correctly look at many common sayings handed down by our ancestors.There are a lot of sayings full of the experience summed up by our ancestors or the life truth of life, which requires us to treat them with a dialectical perspective, so as to truly achieve our use.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!