Civil war fierce as tigers, foreign war repeatedly frustrated two strong teams!

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Today, the two club teams, one is the traditional giants, one is the football upstart, can be attributed to the strong team sequence.But for two teams that dominate their domestic league, the situation in Europe (the champions League, of course) is a different matter altogether.Serie A 36 champions, “the Bianconeri” Juventus 36 champions can be regarded as the real old giants, 36 league champions are not unique in Serie A, but also the biggest of the five leagues!Juventus won nine serie A titles in a row between 2011-12 and 2019-20, setting a record of five successive league titles.However, the bianconeri, dominating in Serie A, have been frustrated in the Champions League.The big Ears cup is the club level trophy, the domestic league title is not low, but compared to the Champions League is a little less important.Big Ears cup can be called the club’s “big cup”!In fact, the domestic league to some extent acts as the role of champions League qualifiers.Because, the domestic league last season in the former to qualify for the Champions League.Juventus have had an extremely difficult season in the Champions League, not that they have never won it, but they have won only two of the nine finals and three of the century.Juve are the champions League runners-up, but that is not a glorious record in a sport where there is no second best.When will that happen again?Juventus, who won the European Cup in 1985 and 1996, have not won it for more than 25 years.In 2018, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juve with a clear goal of winning the Champions League, hoping the “King of the Champions League” would bring good fortune to the team.However, ronaldo, who seemed to have won the Champions League at Real Madrid, has suffered an Achilles’ heel at Juve.Cristiano Ronaldo, who spent three years at Juve, was devastated by the loss to Porto.In the first year, we failed to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League.In the second year and the third year, “go to the next level”, stop at the 16th round!If you look at the teams we lost to, Ajax, Lyon, Porto, none of them are the big clubs of the day.Maybe Juventus are not fit for the Champions League.Manchester City, the new blue moon of the English Premier League, is one of the representative clubs of golden Yuan Football.As the west Asia consortium a large amount of capital injection, “blue moon” to achieve a qualitative leap.From nowhere to the premier League’s new king.Five titles in 10 years, from 2011-12 to 2020-21, might not be much in other leagues, but in the highly competitive English Premier League, it is already a dominant presence.Top favourites Lyon and Manchester City won their first Premier League title in 2011-12, their first appearance in the Champions League, followed by 11 successive seasons in the competition.The results are as follows :2 group exits, 3 round of 16, 3 round of eight, 1 round of four and 1 runner-up.This season has reached the round of 16, the quarter-finals have yet to be played.The premier League’s new champion, the Champions League is still zero!The Big Ears Cup is still out of reach for City’s dream of finishing runners-up last season.Originally, Manchester City were the favorite, but the “brilliant” Guardiola was too clever this time, put two orthodox midfielders on the bench, and let the not good at the back of the midfield of Kyndoan, as a result, City did not attack like attack, defend not like defend, also injured the main striker De Braunne.Guardiola wanted to surprise, the result backfired, lost the city team history of the first big ear cup.After three years in charge of Bayern Munich and a sixth in charge of Manchester City, it has become a bitter disappointment not to bring the Champions League to these two big clubs.I wonder when this heart will end?