Winter fishing crucian carp, live bait so scientific, not even the fish on the rod, is a few steps

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Winter fishing crucian carp, bait with two main ideas, the first is the surface bait, pay attention to lure one, taste with big fishy big incense, and pay attention to the proportion of small, small bait group, so gather fish effect is good, palatability is also good.The second is to use live bait, live bait in winter effect is also very good, because the seasonal dynamics of low water temperature for fishing crucian carp is very important, with live bait to catch, is the key to win.Live bait how to use, seemingly simple, in fact, which pay attention to or more.A, white worm white worm peristalsis effect is poor, the taste is relatively light, in fact, it is not suitable for the whole winter, in late autumn and early winter, do not need so “dynamic” when the effect is good.White worms actually have one big advantage, and that’s color.In winter, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, the overall light intensity is not strong.In addition, the selection of fishing position is generally based on water plants, bridge piers and other obstacle areas, the light itself is relatively weak, even if it is sunny.Using white bait will make it easier for fish to spot bait, so color is also an advantage for white worms.The white worm hook is not so easy to use, you can only hook a little skin.Earthworm earthworm can be used all year round, but earthworm is afraid of heat and cold, winter use to pay attention to heat preservation, summer use to pay attention to the sun, fresh is the biggest advantage of earthworm.Wriggling bait is more likely to be detected by fish, so use earthworms to keep them alive at all times.Earthworms can easily die in low water temperatures, so it is important not to have just one earthworm, which can affect fishing efficiency.Earthworms can also be farmed for a short period of time, using tea leaves to slim them down but also increase their toughness and activity.In the winter fishing carp, the size of the earthworm is also exquisite, requiring the use of appropriate size of the earthworm, hook after more than the tip of the hook can not be too long, otherwise because of the light fish, carp only bite a small part of the earthworm, but not the hook.Folk use earthworms, and add some steps, such as clove oil, essence, sugar water and so on some methods.Earthworms themselves have a poor ability to lure fish, but they have a strong ability to lure fish to bite after entering the nest. Therefore, through the “support” of clove oil and essence, virtual nests will be formed after each pole, which is very effective for attracting fish.There is the use of dipping powder, the use of commodity bait, soybean powder, triad powder are more common, not only will let the slippery earthworm better hook, but also can continue to fill the nest effect.Red insect red insect is the larva of chironomid, itself is living in the water, the preservation method is low temperature, so in low temperature winter, red insect can keep a long fresh, which is also an important reason for red insect in winter.Red worms are rich in nutrition, bright red in color and suitable in size. They have a very high status when fishing for crucian carp in winter.Red worm usage is more, can be directly linked, can also be made into a small handle after use, the advantage is to ensure the squirming effect of red worm.Better use or red worm pull bait, but with the commercial bait with this red worm pull bait.Choose the fragrance of the commodity bait, than the importance of small, water absorption effect is better, so that the state of bait will be better.The proportion of red worms is not much, too much will lead to the bait group too large, each ball of bait, including 2 or 3 red worms.In fact, the worst effect is the use of red worm companion, not to mention the high cost, the state is very poor, red worm is covered by glue completely lost peristalsis effect.Please pay attention to the collection like, update every day on time, thank you fishing friends!