The SPRING LCK is expected to be held as scheduled after a DRX athlete tested negative for Deft

2022-05-31 0 By

Yesterday, TEAM DRX announced that Zeka and BeryL were diagnosed with COVID-19, while Kingen, Pyosik and one of their staff tested positive.Keria, Deft’s former partner and now a T1 support player, has been in private contact with Deft, and Keria revealed that Deft’s test was negative, and that everyone Deft has been in contact with has tested negative.After seeing the official news of DRX, many netizens also left messages of blessing, hoping that several contestants can recover soon.Although it is now in the offseason, the LCK spring season will resume on February 9.According to Riot’s quarantine regulations, players who are recorded in the roster will play on the field before those infected with COVID-19 return.However, the DRX has only six players on the roster, so it can only allow players from the second team to play first if the emergency system allows.For the first few weeks of competition, LCK Spring went offline and allowed spectators in.On January 29, THE DRX team had a match at LOL Park, and the government officials have been informed of the movement of people inside and informed close contacts to take nucleic acid tests.According to Korean media reports, the 2022LCK spring competition is scheduled to resume on September 9 due to the Week-long Spring Festival holiday.And as long as there is no confirmed increase, the competition is expected to go ahead.Riot Games explains that it will do its best to ensure that the LCK schedule is not disrupted.But in a worst-case scenario, the schedule could be rescheduled, such as if the second team also has a large number of players confirmed.We need to discuss this further, but there are no plans to move to an online mode without spectators.# League of Legends