School is approaching, Zibo public security to “protect”!

2022-05-28 0 By

In a moment, the holiday has passed and the children also ushered in the new school season. The Public security of Zibo planned in advance and carefully arranged for the city’s primary and secondary schools to escort the work of the new semester.Period, the central control room of the gatehouse, police into school, teaching building, such as key areas, for the school’s counter-terrorism ChuTu, contingency plans, dimension is equipment safety, fire safety, epidemic prevention, school bus safety check them one by one, to visit the station safety management system, the guard on duty and epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the situation,Moreover, anti-terrorism skills training has been carried out for school security personnel, effectively improving the school’s ability to deal with emergencies.Live up to the time the future can protect the safety of the campus on the road Zibo public security has been in!