Lukou: Grid workers build a network of epidemic control

2022-05-28 0 By

“On the first, third, seventh and fourteenth days after I returned home, I had to take nucleic acid tests at the Maternal and child Health Center near Fubo Square.If you are at home, try not to go out and walk, and wear a mask when you go out.”On the morning of January 20, Gin Yahuan, spogin district, fuboling community grid 3, spogin town, went to Fang Zihao’s home, spogin town, home health monitoring notification.As the Spring Festival is approaching, more and more people will return to their hometowns. In order to further implement the prevention and control strategy of “preventing imported people from abroad”, 183 grid workers in Lukou District carried out accurate screening of returnees from other provinces and their nucleic acid detection conditions, and set up the visit work ledger to clear the personnel, location and control situation.”For those who have returned to their hometowns from outside China and those in high-risk positions outside the city, we tell them to proactively report their personal information through the ‘Grid Defense code’ in advance, or to report their personal information to their communities through their relatives and friends.”Gan yahuan introduced that the community has also carried out “knock on the door action”, focusing on the elderly, the disabled and other groups, publicity of gas and electricity safety knowledge, while visiting families to help home isolation, health monitoring households, people living in poverty to help solve practical difficulties.