Jishi Mountain highway section: promote the “return” requirements to improve the “landing” capacity

2022-05-26 0 By

In order to effectively promote the “return of functions and landing of responsibilities”, actively deal with the impact of extreme bad weather on road traffic, and improve road traffic capacity after snow.On February 18 and 19, jishi Mountain highway section concentrated on the G310 Linda highway to carry out anti-skid and smooth work.Anti-skid process, the main use of “manual + mechanical” method, on the G310 line sharp bend, steep slope, bridge deck, Tibetan beam tunnel import and export sections spread anti-skid material, snow melt agent, to ensure the safety of vehicles.During this period, all the cadres and staff of jishi Mountain Highway section will implement the working mode of “white + black” and “5+2” to the end, and practice the general requirements of functional return and responsibility landing with an aggressive attitude.Up to now, a total of 37 people were sent to jishi Mountain highway section, 6 mechanical vehicles, spread 58 cubic meters of skid material, 1.8 tons of snow melt agent.Anti-skid and smooth work is still being carried out in a tense and orderly manner.(Contributed by Wang Jing) Source: Jishishan County Highway section editor: Ma Jing Editor: Shaanxi Zhixiu Supervisor: Ma Quansheng