Don’t just feed your kids milk in spring. Eat more of these 5 vegetables!High in potassium for growth

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The investigation of the World Health Organization has long shown that: the growth of children and the season is closely related, every spring, almost all children have entered a long golden period, the growth rate is even 2 to 3 times that of other seasons.At this time parents do not try to save trouble, light for children to drink milk, after all, the nutritional composition is relatively single, a lot of dietary fiber, and trace elements can not reach the standard.These 5 kinds of calcium content, potassium content is very high vegetables must eat more, change the pattern to eat, not only can improve the child’s immunity, especially help the child’s growth and development, anyway, my mother has arranged for the children.Rape as the saying goes: eat buds in spring.Rape head as the first bud in spring, not only is delicious fragrance, nutrition is rich.Single 360 encyclopedia shows: every 100 grams of rape potassium 210 mg, calcium 108 mg, light calcium content can be completely comparable with milk, what’s more, as a vegetable, it also contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, nutrition for children is more appropriate.1. Rape head must be cleaned to avoid leaving dust and impurities.2. Chop garlic flat. A little more garlic will taste more fragrant.3. Heat the wok with oil and pour in the minced garlic. Slowly fry until golden brown, and then put the rape head after the fragrance comes out.4. At this time the fire quickly stir-fry for a minute and a half, the rape head slightly collapsed after almost cooked, do not small fire, so as not to lose water impact.Just a little salt to taste, nothing else, and a little raw minced garlic to taste.After eating chicken, duck and fish all winter, children also need to take in more dietary fiber from vegetables to help intestinal peristalsis and relieve the pressure on digestive system.Spring dishes with light fragrance, fresh taste, calcium content is 500 to 1400 mg/kg, is a good choice.1. First, we cut the heart of the dish into small pieces, and then cut into a little yellow and red pepper to match the color.2. As it is a cold dish, we need to blanch the heart in the water. When blanching, we add some vegetable oil and salt, which can not only lock the nutrition and maintain the green, but also increase the base flavor.Do not cook for too long, or the heart of the vegetables will easily turn yellow. Then immediately run the cold water over it so that you can eat it crispily and sweetly. It is important not to use raw water to cook the cold dish.3. Then put the cabbage heart drain water into the basin, add salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, sugar fresh, into a jar of tomato juice soy beans, the supermarket has to sell, the basin can be mixed well after the plate, crisp sweet very appetizing.Spinach spinach nutritional value estimates do not need me to say more, carotene, vitamins, potassium, calcium iron and other minerals everything, otherwise will not call it “nutrition model”.Be careful not to remove the tender red roots, as most of the nutrients are concentrated in the roots.1. First of all, we prepare a basin of washed spinach, 300 grams of bean cakes, appropriate amount of onion, garlic and pepper sections.The spinach is a little bit long and I’m going to cut it in the middle, slice the garlic, break the spring Onions and cut them into scallions.2. Next, let’s fry the bean cakes: heat the oil in the pot, put the bean cakes into the pot with cold oil, turn on a small fire to fry out the water inside, if the fire is too big, the water can not completely fry out, easy to paste.Bean cake fried incense, fried crisp after pouring out oil control.3. Heat the oil in the wok again, add the onion, garlic and dried chilies, and stir fry the spinach with high fire for 1 minute. This step must be used high fire, if the fire is small, the spinach will easily water.4. When the spinach is soft, add 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of chicken essence, 2 grams of pepper and white sugar to stir fry the spinach to dissolve the seasoning, and then pour in a little water starch and sesame oil to make the seasoning better adsorb on the food ingredients.Add the fried bean cakes, toss the pan quickly and stir well. Serve on a plate.Technical points: 1. The bean cake should be fried with cold oil. If the oil is too hot, the surface of the bean cake will be fried and burnt, and the water inside will not come out.2. When frying spinach, oil should be large and fire should be strong, so that it will be crisp and not astringent.3. Before the pot to hook point Gordon euryale powder, more flavor into the dish.Peas peas are not only rich in potassium and calcium, each hundred grams of potassium 222 mg, calcium 50 mg, it is the best point is the content of vitamin C and copper content is particularly rich, can very well promote metabolism and Google brain development.However, fried dry peas are not easy to digest, it is best to eat pea seedlings or tender peas.1. First, I prepare a handful of pea shoots, and then cut some red and yellow pepper shreds to match the colors. Put them together and wash them with water.2. Because it is a cold dish, we should blanch in water before boiling water and adding vegetable oil to prevent nutritional loss. We should blanch quickly for about 10 seconds, or we should pour it out quickly, otherwise it will not be crisp.3. Then drain the water and put it in a basin, add minced garlic, salt, chicken powder, a little sugar, sesame oil and white vinegar to make it appetizing and refreshing, mix well and then plate it.Celery celery contains a lot of water, can alleviate dry winter, prevent fire;Next a lot of fiber still can promote digest and absorb, suit at present when winter spring changes season to eat.Of course content of potassium, calcium content is not little also, contain 163mg potassium, 160 mg calcium among every 100 grams, good yourself see.1. Cut both ends of fresh lily and pat it apart;Scrape off the coarse fiber on the surface of celery so as not to eat the teeth, and then break the larger, diagonal cut into small sections, and then cut some color pepper slices to match the color, so that the color of the whole dish is more beautiful.2. When washing lilies, we should be careful to wash all the sediment, and then soak it for a while, so that its taste will be more sweet.3. Next, we prepare a bowl of ingredients: add salt, sugar, chicken powder, water starch, and then add a little water to stir evenly. The bowl ingredients are ready in advance to facilitate the frying of the pot quickly, and then add a little sesame oil for flavor and brightness.4. Boil half the pot of boiling water, add a little salt and vegetable oil, easy to taste but also maintain the green color, and then put celery quickly blanched for 10 seconds and then put lily and color pepper, a little hot immediately out, put in cold water too cool, so eat up the taste more crisp.5. Add clear oil to the pot, add shallots and ginger to fry until fragrant, and then pour the ingredients into the pot after drying the water. Stir-fry the food quickly with a high fire for 10 seconds, and the high temperature can quickly evaporate the water precipitate.Pour the ingredients into the bowl and turn them over quickly to take them out of the pot. The whole process is completed in one go. Avoid staying in the pot for a long time to ensure that the dish is fresh and sweet as before.Now is at the critical point of changing the season, although milk is good but also can’t let the child drink, do not want the dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements must fill up, in order to the child’s rapid growth, it is hard to avoid the need to worry more when the mother.But I today these dishes are very simple, easy to make, delicious and nutritious, quickly arrange for the children, every day to eat different patterns, help to grow not picky food.