In winter, jinnan Traffic Police held a security ceremony for the Winter Olympic Games

2022-05-24 0 By

On the morning of February 2nd, the traffic police detachment of The Jinnan Branch of the Public Security Bureau held a security pledge meeting for the Winter Olympic Games in order to consolidate the police’s heart, boost the morale, effectively implement the security and stability maintenance work during the Winter Olympic Games, and carry forward the fine style of continuous fighting and daring to win.At the meeting, the key work of traffic management during the Winter Olympics was deployed. The representative of the police made a statement and all the civil auxiliary police shouted “Keep in mind the mission, be loyal and bear in mind, show the style of traffic police;Fulfill duty, courage, escort for the Winter Olympics “oath slogan.Meeting requirements, to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, around the “fight against the epidemic to ensure smooth protection and safety to meet the Winter Olympics” work line, firm confidence, grasp the difficulties, strictly implement the traffic security measures, carry forward the “continuous fighting, can fight a tough battle” spirit, and strive to be meticulous, delicate, extreme.