Reading is like falling in love. It is only by stealth that it is good

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Dai Jianye’s reading notes of my God.The most beautiful woman who reads a book.Just as people have many colors, books have many natures and levels.As long as you can “Google”, “Baidu”, can search, ignorance can appear to know, do not learn can also appear knowledgeable.A Western writer once quipped that “classics” are those books that everyone speaks well of but nobody reads.There are many people who have the ambition to be the top of the ling, but few of them finally realize the ambition.The ancients often lamented, “scholars are like cow hair, and the winners are as rare as rare”. The reason for learning nothing is that there is no determination.The key to the gap between people is not intelligence, but perseverance and perseverance.Different habits of reading and thinking may be indistinguishable in a short time, but over a long period of time there will be huge differences: some are brilliant, while others are just ordinary.What kind of reading habits you choose, you choose for yourself what kind of life.6 Now THAT I come to think of it, lack of food and books is not all bad.As I was hungry, any food was a delicacy in my mouth, for there was no book to read, and I devoured it with relish.Reading may be like falling in love. It is more exciting to do it secretly.My friends, if you don’t try to be mysterious, the “happy life” we are pursuing is nothing more than eating the food we like, reading the books we like, doing the things we like, and loving the people we like.These days I have been dreaming and planning my retirement life.In guangzhou, shenzhen or zhuhai find a communal area, around the room filled with his own books, not severe cold in winter in the summer without the heat, light smooth cantonese food, three meals a day to enjoy a good pot of phoenix single clump or frozen oolong, read their own special want to read a good book, record some is both useful and interesting courses, write to live up to their own articles,This is my idea of a magical day.Share today, interested in the book, you can click on the link below to buy.Today’s New Year’s Eve, I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best!(Shenzhen 2022.1.31)