Figure skating career dream today!After 15 years of failure and pain, the “Green Bucket group” has gone through a lot

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On February 19, Beijing time, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the gold medal in the pairs figure skating final tonight, which is also the ninth gold medal for The Chinese delegation.At the last moment of the performance, Sui wenjing burst into tears, lamenting how hard the journey had been.This year has been their 15th year together, in the past career, they have not only harvested the joy of success, together won 2 gold MEDALS and 3 silver MEDALS in 5 INTERNATIONAL Skating Championships;I have tasted the pain of injury.At the beginning of the interview, recalling the first impression of their partner, in addition to Sui wenjing’s lovely appearance, Han Cong had more questions in his mind, “Is this really possible?Can you do it?”He thought it, and so did the public — their partners were questioned about whether they were fit to skate in pairs with such balanced bodies.Such doubt is not unreasonable, the balance of two people will not only affect the effect of lifting, but also affect the play of technical movements.But Sui and Han proved themselves by winning the national figure skating championship as dark horses in 2009 and the pairs title at the 2010 World Junior Championships, earning them the highest junior title in their first season of international competition.Looking back on the honors, Sui said, “I’m proud of it now, but I didn’t feel anything at the time. Some things (awards) were deserved.””When we first started skating, a lot of people didn’t believe in us,” she said. “We were very balanced…But we are also thinking, is there something we can do better than other players?””Our movements can be more coordinated,” she said. “Double turns look more synchronized, which makes our score better.”Summing up the experience, she said, “I think sometimes we just have to learn how to turn that to our advantage and find the energy in our body that anyone can do, which is to be who you are and to constantly surpass yourself.”Like any athlete in the world, the 15-year golden pair have faced injuries at various points in their careers: Sui underwent surgery on ligaments in her feet in 2016;After the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, Han Cong was diagnosed with a fatigue fracture of his right leg;In 2020, Han cong underwent hip surgery and missed the China Cup.Talking about the pain, Han cong compared athletes to candles: “We burn ourselves, but also illuminate others, illuminate the darkness around us, it is a process of transformation…But sometimes we do more damage, and burn faster, and the candle goes faster.”But he still sees injuries in a positive light. “It’s a belief and spirit to prove yourself, to help others and to support each other,” he said.Sui is more grateful to others for their support: “Our body type is just not suitable for skating in pairs…We can get to where we are today thanks to our hard work and the help of our relatives and people around us. They are like a beam of light shining on us, and we hope to be that light shining on more people.”In 2020, they defended their gold MEDALS at the Four Continents Championships and won gold at the Grand Prix in 2021.Maybe the pain brought them suffering, but they chose to carry on with them, to push on and challenge the impossible.A month ago, when asked if two people nervous at this year’s winter Olympics, Han Cong smiled: “I think the main is prepared, when you are ready, the tension he was not nervous, shouldn’t he may also be nervous tension, we prepared, we stand on the pitch finished the race, this is our goal and mission.”A month later, they stood on the stage of the Capital Gymnasium and won the championship with their highly difficult movements and skillful play. Their 15-year dream came true in Today’s Beijing.