Ways to improve your pass rate

2022-05-17 0 By

We write articles on the Internet everyday, but sometimes we can’t pass.I found the following rules by summarizing.A eulogizing article can pass easily.Second, professional articles can also be quickly passed.Three, write personal life articles can also pass quickly.Four, write the article of human life also can pass quickly.Five, writing advice essay is not good pass.Six, writing critical articles will not pass.Seven, write political advice article basically cannot pass.Eight, write political critical articles must not pass.Articles that are insulting and defamatory to others must not be approved.10. Articles containing sensitive words will be automatically screened for further manual review.Eleven, opponents of a large number of articles, may be terminated at any time push.I summed up these rules, I follow these rules, to do things, and basically be able to publish the article.Do you think that’s how I summed it up?Should you write with reference?