Through farming text: she dressed as a small peasant woman, the family was destituted, can only start from scratch, raising poultry, digging fish ponds

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!Dressed as a peasant girl, she had nothing to start from scratch, raising poultry and digging fish ponds.”Mysterious mountain han, sweet pet peasant wife” novel recommendation: wear into the book, not only the body in the farmhouse, the house is in ruins, but also became the book of malicious female match.Xianggong does not love, the son is not close, a lot of extreme relatives, accidentally into cannon fodder, how to break?Cloud xi said, I am evil female match I am afraid of who?Step on the best, hold the wealth.Wonderful clip: “go to kneel ancestral temple, immediately!”There was a burning pain in my face.But she felt worse.Why would he make her kneel in the temple?She’s going?Muyun Xi felt amused.Shen Mo saw she did not understand, frowning, just to be angry, Shen old walked over.”Take your milk in at once.Small six, you go to wangshui village will li Lang Zhong please.”Shen Lao way.Shen Mo entered the house with Song shi in his arms.The boy who was called xiao Six answered and ran away immediately.Shen old majestic vision from mu Yun xi’s body swept: “you come in with me.Zhou Yi also came.”Moments later, a crowd gathered in the old house.The second family, who had not been at home, also hurried back.Shen sister-in-law Shen Mingyan morning and Sun break off, angrily back to her husband’s home.On the way home, Sun shi and Shen Anacreontic have learned the course of things, stepped into the house, Chou Mu Yun Xi, rushed past will hit her, by Shen old rebuke.”Stop it!What do you mean?”Shen Lao said, rebuked Shen Anacreontic: “your daughter-in-law is not sensible, nonsense calculate, you how also follow nonsense?”Shen Anqing: “Old Shen, my daughter-in-law is also worried about niang.On her way in, when she heard that her mother had had an accident, she was much worried. When she got home, she saw this little girl — Yun Xi. How could she bear it?”The voice behind trailed off.Sun shi’s eyes a turn, immediately rushed to the bed, wail: “niang ah, I zha a while away, you have trouble?If this has a somehow, can let me and anacreontic how should do?””Pass through the beautiful countryside of the farmer female” novel recommend: the Li Xu that is deceived after the man that Dally with female affection is killed passed through female life of an ancient cold door farmer be in one’s life, still good omnipowerful dimensional spirit spring saves her one life.Look at the family walls, brother and sister cry for food, parents hard work is also bullied!Grandma and aunt to squeeze?Well, look at her blow for blow, squeeze back!Her small hand a wave, design division, use space spirit spring to take the family onto the road to prosperity, those jealous, roll aside for her!Best clip: “Koto, did he really say that?!”The party has not angry, one side of the Li Month has a fork waist, eyes staring to be angry.”Yeah…Not only bamboo elder brother, but also two dogs and Lai Liu in the village all say so…”Li Cheng hung his head, if it weren’t for his small age and insufficient strength, otherwise he must fight with them and let them not speak ill of big sister!”This is too much!I’ll get even with them!”Li Yue rushed out like a small cannon stick.Li Xu had to pull Li Cheng to follow up, the feeling that is maintained by the family is very good, but Li Yue is too small, and impulse, Li Xu is afraid that she will have an accident.Out of li’s yard, led by Li Cheng to find Li Zhu and his friends.Before they got there, the three of them heard loud noises coming from Lai’s door.I could still hear, faintly, the scream of a woman.”Ouch, ouch, Li home sister-in-law I was wrong, wrong, dare not nonsense again…”Li’s sister-in-law, isn’t she Wang?”Small sincere, small month, niang seems to be over there, we go to see.”Li Xu said to the two young ones.When I went to lai’s house, there were a lot of people around, all from the village watching and eating melons.See Li Xu sister younger brother come over, consciously let a road come.”The small peasant wife of the han in the mountains” novel recommendation: through to the ancient countryside, broken house rotten wall, no father no mother, penniless, no food in hand, there is a large group of want to calculate her slag close, plus a single-minded want to marry her village cattle.Shen Ruolan is depressed, ah!What do you do with a bad hand?It’s not gonna happen. We’ll have to start from scratch.So, cover greenhouse, raise poultry, dig fish pond, sell secret recipe, mou foot strength, finally get the day of flowers and flowers hot charcoal son red.Highlight clip: “Come on, Lamya, eat the order, look at the baby thin, really poor ah!”Aunt Shen picked up a chopstick of cabbage for Her and said sadly, “Ah!Also don’t know the elder brother is how think, this good daughter, he zha don’t feed well.”Shen Ruolan pulled pull mouth, what meaning?How suddenly sensationalize rise?What the hell is going on here?Perhaps the topic from the aunt is too heavy, a few people on the table who did not respond to her, Shen Ruolan is I do not know what to say.Shen Ruomei and Li Qiaolian patronized the meal and rarely ate meat. Who could care less about anything else? Uncle Shen hung his head and picked rice in his mouth, as if he had not heard Aunt Shen’s sigh.”Ahem…Ahem……”Shen aunt cough up, words head she all brought up, can’t let her a person to sing solo show?Uncle Shen heard a cough and looked up from his bowl to see aunt Shen squinting her eyes out at him.Shen stiffened and slowly turned to Shen Ruolan. After a long time, only to say, “LAN ya, your father hasn’t come back yet?How long have you been gone?”Shen Ruolan has been aware of the atmosphere between uncle aunt is not right, but still truthfully do answer: “haven’t come back, almost walk a month.””Well, this second, it’s getting worse and worse.”Shen grumbled, lowered his head, and went on eating without speaking.She coughed again, but Shen refused to answer her. Shen even refused to lift his head. She had no choice but to do it herself.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.Abuse: she production massive haemorrhage, he protect children not protect adult, was to take: umbilical cord blood to save the first love s rebirth in the 80 s, she ran off the night before, kick deceive philandering man, turned into the arms of his club the sm: for the sake of his lover, she change blood donor, even forfeits the lives, he was scared of ma3 jia3:Rumor gu disabled young master married a country wench, until their vest fell on the ground president abuse love: “Muwanxi, you are not qualified to die, you have to continue to live to atone for me!”