Help from all sides to defend “Shanghai”

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China Telecom Shanghai (HEREINAFTER referred to as “Shanghai Telecom”) launched nucleic acid screening across the city on April 4 to provide key support for winning the battle against the epidemic with its professional, efficient and comprehensive communication and network security capabilities.In order to ensure nucleic acid testing in Shanghai, all staff of Shanghai Telecom are working hard. Up to now, emergency vehicles have been dispatched 210 times, 45,547 personnel have been dispatched, and 12,550 broadband lines have been opened at isolation points and sampling points to support the orderly implementation of nucleic acid sampling, isolation and treatment of residents.On April 3, medical teams from many parts of the country arrived in Shanghai one after another.Just a few hours before the arrival of the plane, Shanghai Telecom received a demand from government departments and Pudong Airport that the pick-up bus needed to undergo nucleic acid testing at gate 21, which required information communication network protection.Shanghai Telecom quickly dispatched emergency backbone personnel and emergency communication vehicles to the site, and carried out a series of construction such as fiber fusion, line layout, signal commissioning and so on without stopping. Almost an emergency new base station was built, which successfully met the wireless network requirements of airport command and dispatch.Number assigned to build wisdom square as the absolute main force of the square on Shanghai hospital communication construction, Shanghai telecom participated in the whole city each point were isolated with the construction of communication not only provides all treated points and community fixed-line voice, data line, transmission line, broadband lines and other business 9379, also with a series of digital, intelligent application for medical personnel to provide help.Shanghai Telecom has created three intelligent scenarios: Cloud HIS (hospital core business system) supports centralized management, unified deployment and on-demand services of medical business, which is the “smart brain” of makeshift hospitals;Cloud WiFi and 5G networks enable medical staff to quickly and safely access the hospital information system and ensure that they have the same working experience as in hospitals, which is an invisible “wisdom vein”.5G smart robots, equipped with many functions such as elimination, logistics, guidance and reminders, are “smart assistants” that help improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment and reduce the burden of management.At present, Shanghai Telecom has invested 15 5G epidemic prevention robots in the Makeshift hospital of Shanghai New International Expo Center to support the disinfection work of the venue, reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients and medical staff, and create an efficient, safe and convenient “smart capsule”.Nucleic acid testing is carried out in Shanghai on April 4, 2008.In order to fully ensure the smooth operation of cloud systems such as health check, Shanghai Telecom coordinated with relevant units to urgently expand the main resource pool, and opened nearly 400 cloud hosts with nearly 6,000 cores.Synchronously improve network bandwidth to 4G (capacity up to 10G) and supporting security equipment, and increase resources by more than 4 times to ensure abundant cloud network resources.In the evening of April 3, the links between the two centers of related cloud platforms were upgraded to active/standby links to ensure active/standby protection on all network sides.In addition, more than 20 special shifts are arranged every day and more than 200 people are remotely supported, with advanced service guarantee.At 6 o ‘clock on April 4, the background page view began to climb gradually, and quickly reached the peak at 8 o ‘clock — 78,000 nucleic acid collection per minute.At the same time, the data at the back end of tianyi Cloud platform, which carries the health verification system, is robust. Tianyi Cloud has secured the upper base of nucleic acid testing for 25 million people in the city.Since March 28, Shanghai started batch lockdown control, to ensure that the city’s residents at home during the smooth Internet access is the top priority of Shanghai telecom communication security work.To this end, Shanghai Telecom expanded its man export to the backbone network by 800G to 15900G, and telecom – mobile backbone network interconnection by 100G to 400G.Special period, Shanghai telecom also launched broadband users “arrears do not stop”, “amount does not drop speed” and other special services.Since March 1st, Shanghai Telecom has opened broadband service for 39,484 newly added users, handled 47,943 fixed broadband service lines for government and enterprise customers, 1336 orders for local special line services, opened 266 circuits in an emergency, overcome all difficulties to meet the network needs of government and enterprise, showing the reliable “telecom speed”.Since the launch of “Classroom in the air”, Shanghai Telecom has also provided a total of 66 high-speed lines and 129.3g bandwidth for 12 district education bureums such as Xuhui District, 32 colleges and universities such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University and Huali University, and 6 primary and secondary schools such as Nanyang Model Middle School, providing a solid network guarantee for teachers and students in the city to carry out online distance education.In the process of the temporary “shutdown” of the city to focus on fighting the epidemic, Shanghai Telecom has actively carried out online business support for key livelihood services.In response to the call of the government, Shanghai Telecom has dispatched a total of 100 people from 10,000 platform seats to divert 12345 calls.In addition, Shanghai Telecom also took the initiative to contact Zhejiang Telecom and Hubei Telecom and worked out a remote disaster recovery scheme for 12345 to undertake Shanghai 12345 traffic, so as to ensure the normal operation of 12345.Since March 1, Shanghai Company has sent 45,547 support personnel and 3,659 support vehicles.Since the start of batch containment, Shanghai Telecom on – duty support staff a total of 5300 people.Next, Shanghai Telecom will resolutely win the people’s war of epidemic prevention and control together with the backbone of the country’s support to Shanghai.