During the Spring Festival xixiu fire on duty: adhere to the mission to protect the lights of thousands of families

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The Spring Festival is a festive occasion when people go from house to house to bid farewell to the old year and greet the New Year with good wishes.When we are in the family reunion, xixiu firefighters can not have the slightest slack, still maintain 24 hours ready to go, with loyalty to protect the lights of ten thousand families, go all out to be the people’s “guardian”.Early in the morning, the clear and melodic trumpets sounded in the sky above tashan Fire rescue station in Xixiu district on time. The 30-minute running training started the busy day of firefighters.Monkey bars, rope climbing and five-kilometer weights are all part of firefighters’ daily training.After breakfast, the firemen went to the garage to check the fire trucks and equipment. We carefully checked the equipment and equipment such as toothless saws, door openers and multi-functional breaking tools.In order to ensure social security and stability during the Spring Festival, at nine o ‘clock, firefighters went out to the key parts of the area and crowded places to strengthen patrols.At each place, firefighters check whether fire facilities are complete, and fire equipment configuration and management.Zhou Guangrong, assistant chief of the fire rescue station on Tashan East Road in Xixiu District, said, “During the Spring Festival, in addition to our daily station positions, we also have to go out and patrol the streets.Our station maintains a 85 percent occupancy rate.We are on duty 24 hours a day so that more people can have a safe and prosperous New Year.”When I got back from duty, it was already noon.Ren Wanjiang is having a video conversation with his family in the study room.”Hey, mom.This ha in the rest did not get, we have just had dinner, give you a call happy New Year.All right, all right. How was your food?It was ok, lobster crabs and everything.”Ren, a native of Guanling, Anshun, joined the Tashan Fire and rescue Station in Xixiu district last year.First Chinese New Year in the team, missed the family reunion.But for him, responsibility is more important than togetherness.Ren Wanjiang, a fourth-grade firefighter at tashan East Road Fire rescue Station in Xixiu District, said, “This year is my first Spring Festival in tashan East Road Fire Rescue Station. Although I can’t spend it at home with my parents, I am happy to spend it here with my teammates, and I feel very lucky and warm.In 2021, I learned a lot in terms of business skills and understood a lot of new things, which I hope to consolidate and improve over the next year and year.”Ren Wanjiang is only one of the firefighters in tashan Fire rescue station in Xixiu district, and there are more firefighters in Xixiu District like him, protecting the safety of the whole people with heart.It is because they resolutely choose to stick to their posts and contribute to the peace and harmony of the New Year that the lights of thousands of families are brightly lit.Xixixiu district rong media center all media reporter: Zhu Lina Wu Qiaoling Lu Sumei editor: Zhang Dixixiu district meteorological Bureau warm tips: expected today night to tomorrow during the day, cloudy with sporadic light rain;Temperature: 1 ~ 6℃.Real-time observation data of Xixiu meteorological Station (Dongjiazhuang Slope) at 15:00: Temperature: 3.5℃;Wind direction: ne;Wind speed: 2.9m/s;Relative humidity: 70%;Air pressure: 852.0hPa.