Big zhang Wei: definitely refuse female star to show good will, only love rich wife, also intimate carry a bag for wife

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A kid is a well-known star, he is active in all major variety shows, but the main work or sing, different from the traditional gentle affectionate love songs, kid singing is main focuses on some of the hip-hop, street style of music, and even some wulitou, let a person more listen to more, especially among the young.He’s more of a comedian and joker than a singer, but in person, despite his seemingly giggly lack of gravitas, He’s a great guy.Not only to his wife is very loyal, in the entertainment circle, but also to other beauties do not move the idea, to his good brother, is very loyal, will not be a few money aspects of the interests of the face, conflict.Zhang Wei is a Beijing native, in his songs, you can’t hear the Beijing dialect.When he was young, his parents, both workers, could not provide him with a rich life, but they could provide material support for his basic music learning.Although his parents’ salary is limited, they support His singing very much.Unlike other parents, they feel that their son can learn something serious without taking traditional courses.Kid also extremely, from primary school music is very hard, because he loves this stuff, is born to sing, also particularly talented, in terms of music is more than friends their own age to understand, the teacher taught what can also absorb immediately, even complex music knowledge, also is a point that, in the eyes of the teacher,He’s already the perfect student to walk out on.However, things will not happen in accordance with people’s expectations, god will always play tricks on people again and again, in the closest period from his dream, he suddenly missed the opportunity to report because of voice change.It is really an accident, voice it can’t use human block, in daily life, it’s not a big problem, also won’t affect what, is nothing but the voice is not the same, but for special learning to sing, this change is deadly, because it means that the most important thing a singer suddenly gone, just like that, kid walked missed opportunity.Fortune and misfortune depend on each other, cannot go the school that admire in the heart, big Zhang Wei begins oneself a person grope, rely on oneself effort and appropriate opportunity.Kid coming published his first song, have never thought is very popular, and even some singer was predecessors have also cooperate cover, the kid’s career began to gradually rise, a “high party” is to let he shot to fame overnight, people unknowingly was the song of wulitou, mouth singing is the lyrics of this song.When He was just starting out, someone suggested that he try a group, and He thought it was a good idea, so he started out with three other people in a group called hua ‘er band.In hua ‘er band, Zhang Wei is the lead singer, others are bass, guitar and so on.Although he was the lead singer, his work was not easy at all, and he had to do other things to maintain the development of the whole group. Under the careful efforts of Dazhang Wei, their group was really famous.In the traditional band splitting model, the lead singer does get a little more money than the others, but Big Zhang Wei never does that. He thinks it’s not easy for everyone to get together, and they don’t have to be so clear about each other.What he values more is the friendship of the whole team. As long as the team members are harmonious and united, they are sure to make a lot of money later.Later in the day, the team has also been gradually began to career, but at the same time, they also suffered a lot of questions, such as their style, some parents think that their songs not very serious, will teach bad children of their own, more serious, is that they suspected of plagiarism, the incident left this time all of a sudden in the storm, at another time,It was when they wore inappropriate outfits at the event that the duo’s fame was ruined.There are always sparks of love between stars and their agents, and Great Zhang Wei is no exception.His wife is Liu Ying, a very talented woman.Even though she is not as glamorous as other female stars and has a proud face, she manages the flower children band in good order, which also makes zhang Wei’s job easier.Zhang Wei after the fire, there will be a lot of star fans to pursue her.Female star Huang Xiaolei also once fell in love with him, to cater to the interest of Big Zhang Wei, she makes change diligently, to huang Xiaolei’s sincerity, big Zhang Wei is moved.But the girl friend that wants to become him to Huang Xiaolei this matter, Great Zhang Wei is very firm, he expresses oneself to have a wife only from beginning to end, that is Liu Ying, other people is good again cannot insert oneself family.Now Liu Ying and Da Zhang Wei are still very sweet, they are also very low-key, even many people do not know that Da Zhang Wei has a girlfriend.It is this tacit understanding low-key, also make Zhang Wei in the emotional aspects of a lot of gossip, decades of dating, entertainment media did not take the two emotional discord photos and videos.Contrary, took the picture that Big Zhang Wei carries a bag carefully for the wife, although big Zhang Wei looks hip hop is eccentric, but it is a good to the wife.A few years before the Spring Festival gala, the kid with a song of “relic of great ones immediately, he also participated in a lot of variety show, after filed team, kid there are some missed, but he said he was now have been able to calmly accept the fact that team is dissolved, this will always be someone in the world is more and more far from you, but also someone is getting closer and closer to you.At the end of the article, Now Zhang Wei is flying solo, but it is good to struggle alone, so that he can explore more potential and characteristics of himself. For Zhang Wei, the past is just floating clouds, and now his career and his wife are the most important.Thanks for watching, follow me and bring you more entertaining stories.For more exciting content, check out wardance entertainment