Local Chinese New Year to promote catering consumption to the restaurant online order volume of Zhengzhou eighth in the country

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In the Spring Festival, “Local Chinese New Year” has become the choice of many people.On February 6, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter visited a number of catering enterprises in Zhengzhou to learn that during this year’s Spring Festival catering stores are very popular, business data is generally good;At the same time, restaurant companies continue to improve the consumption experience through a variety of ways, so that residents staying in Zheng can feel the thick flavor of The New Year and human feelings.Catering industry Spring Festival consumption rebound, operating data steady rise February 6 at noon, reporters in Luban Zhang scallion braised sea cucumber Mazhuang Street store to see, the store has been fully occupied.Zheng Chengjun, general manager of Luban Zhang catering, told reporters that the business situation during the Spring Festival this year is good, the hall food is basically the same as last year, take-out performance is better than last year, New Year’s Eve, Luban Zhang’s he Pearl small pot rice take-out dinner package sales are very good.Zheng chengjun said: “From the resumption of zhengzhou restaurant to The New Year’s Eve, there were queues almost every night;From the first day to the sixth day of this few days, at noon are full or even queuing, evening passenger flow is also good.I thought this year would be worse than last year, but in fact it is the same.The relevant person in charge of Jiejia Henan cuisine told the reporter that during the Spring Festival, the consumption of jiejia stores surged, mainly for family gatherings, especially from The New Year’s Eve to the third day, it is hard to get a table in the store. With the arrival of the return peak on the fifth and sixth day, the consumption in the store is also quite hot, the overall same as last Year’s Spring Festival.Cheng Guofu, founder of Bianjing Roast Duck, also said sales at his restaurant during the holiday were almost flat compared with last year.”Many customers called to book the New Year’s Eve dinner immediately after the resumption of in-house meals. Private rooms were fully booked from the resumption day to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year.”The end of the epidemic and the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou catering industry ushered in a wave of rapid rebound.According to the 2022 Spring Festival “Food” power consumption insight data released by Meituan, the trend of offline dining in first-tier and new first-tier cities in the first four days of the Spring Festival holiday is good. Zhengzhou ranks eighth among the top ten cities in terms of in-store catering online orders.Zhang Hailin, president of The Catering and Accommodation Industry Association of Henan Province, believes that “nirvana and rebirth” will be the key word for Henan’s catering industry in 2022.”Once the epidemic passes, the public will start to make up for friends’ gatherings and holiday celebrations that were missed due to the epidemic, and the restaurant economy will see rapid growth.”Fancy New Year’s greetings, family dinner packing…”Local Chinese New Year” for Zhengzhou catering enterprises to bring more consumption opportunities, at the same time, catering enterprises through a variety of ways to constantly improve the consumption experience, so that consumers feel the thick flavor of the New Year and human taste.Chinese red scenery, tiger shoes in memory, golden ears of wheat and pumpkins, lovely fuwa brand, all kinds of cute tiger puppets, newly decorated wood-block New Year pictures, everywhere “fu” decoration……The reporter saw in the east road store of the Authentic Yucai navigation store, the store layout took on an entirely new look, and the atmosphere of the New Year was full.”The Spring Festival is a time for reunion. Many families rarely get together and want to take a group photo as a souvenir. We thought of designing a festive background.This limited edition of New Year’s Scenes will last until the 15th of the lunar New Year. I hope it will help you to make fond memories.”A zhuang authentic Yu food related person said.Cheerful music, playful dance, festive god of wealth, full of auspicious blessing “kuaibaner”…According to introduction, during the Spring Festival, each store of Luban Zhang’s banner sent novel and interesting “fancy New Year’s greetings” for consumers.”In addition, in order to improve the customer experience during the Spring Festival, we have made full preparations to improve the speed of serving food during the Spring Festival in previous years. This year’s delivery speed has been greatly increased to better ensure the temperature and taste of dishes.”