Jianshi Yao Hong was awarded the title of “National Top ten Monitors of Rural tourism”

2022-05-12 0 By

Cloud enshi report (jianshi link reporter Xue Rong reporter Hou Zhubai) recently, Jianshi County Gaoping town Shimen village party branch secretary, director of the village committee Yao Hong was awarded the “national rural tourism monitoring center of the” national rural tourism top ten monitors “title.In 2016, huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, was commissioned by the former National Tourism Administration to set up the National Observation Center for Rural Tourism Poverty Alleviation Project. Later, the Center was renamed the National Monitoring Center for Rural Tourism.Shimen village became one of the first monitoring sites, shimen village party branch secretary Yao Hong was hired as a monitor.Since Yao Hong became a monitor, she has closely focused on the four aspects of economic benefits, ecological benefits, social benefits and location conditions, as well as 10 classified indicators, 18 core indicators and 47 basic indicators, covering the total number of households in the village, the number of labor force in the village, the number of households engaged in rural tourism and the number of factors.Data collection, review, filling in and information collection, sorting and reporting are carried out quarterly to provide first-hand data for targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.Yao Hong led the village two committees to tarry, combining shimen village tourism resources are rich and profound humanistic history characteristics, actively explore the village rural tourism development pattern, using the experience of the national rural tourism inspectors out learning investigation, has introduced JianShi practices of ecological agriculture company, the development of plum picking garden more than 500 acres, wu ecological aquaculture plant professional cooperatives established,More than 30 mu of soft seed pomegranate, cherry and other small fruits have been developed, more than 70 characteristic residential houses have been renovated, and 3 kilometers of shimen Ancient Road has been renovated and expanded.Now, spring flower tour, autumn picking tour, weekend study tour, home stay tour, summer summer tour of rural tourism mode is gradually forming.