“Uncle pretended not to be at home”, nephews a day in advance to pay a New Year’s visit, but the result is not welcome?

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In the movie “Young Marshal”, Zhang Zuolin said such a sentence, “river’s lake is not fighting and killing, river’s lake is worldly wisdom”, some people think this sentence is too heavy, in fact, river’s lake and society is not the same meaning.In this life, there are many times when it is difficult to do things as one desires. It is hard to avoid doing things that go against one’s will.Whenever the Spring Festival, we all want to go around to visit friends and relatives, contact with relatives, in fact, relatives are just a layer of blood relationship than ordinary friends, but also often walk, otherwise they will be unfamiliar.Usually do not often contact, something just think of each other, to find others to help, at that time who will tube your dead or alive?Nephew with a family in advance to big uncle New Year, the results of uncle pretended not to be at home, nephew but also become the object of people’s discussion, how is this?Children like the Spring Festival, they can walk around relatives to receive red envelopes, eat all kinds of delicious food, and do not have to do homework at home, it is really very beautiful.But adults are completely on the contrary, whether it is to walk relatives or reception relatives are not easy work, especially reception relatives cooking can put people down.Big uncle six over the 70th birthday, so years ago with relatives about good, everyone in their own birthday this day, both birthday also when the New Year, his side or hospitality.At first, my family suggested a big dinner, but later my uncle decided to have a family dinner. Just a few tables would be enough to make the dishes more sumptuous, just like going to a restaurant, and a group of relatives and friends would be more lively together.Originally we agreed, years after years have been repeatedly confirmed, just after the year uncle’s family began to prepare dinner at home, because there are a few dishes, but also did not ask people to help.Originally we are about the sixth day, the results of the fifth morning nephew called, said he had something to do with the sixth day, the fifth day came in advance, and then took a family to come.The result came after even big uncle’s face did not see, said the morning in advance notice, how can even big uncle’s face did not see it?It turned out that this nephew used to be a money-hungry Lord, uncle to nephew is also quite complain, but in recent years nephew slowly become better.Originally we are about to come to the sixth day, the result of the nephew with a family fifth day, originally the family in order to prepare for the sixth day of the birthday party was busy in a daze, and the result of entertaining them a family, the result of the night to work overtime until midnight to finish the matter.After my uncle knew this, he went to his friend’s house in the morning and pretended that he did not know about it. He was walking his relatives outside and could not come back.Eldest uncle as the elder so directly away from others is not easy to say what, but eldest uncle’s son and daughter-in-law or strong support a smile to entertain their family.Uncle is so angry, in addition to feel that nephew does not understand considerate people, but also feel that the purpose of the trip some not simple nephew.The big uncle felt that his nephew’s reason for coming ahead of time was no reason at all. He wanted to come ahead of time because of his money-hungry nature.The original nephew just became a father-in-law, the reason for the advance is to get a wave of red envelopes, if the big birthday day to estimate that can not get a red envelope, also don’t blame uncle think so, it is nephew such things did not do less.It is true that money can buy a lot of things and can greatly improve our lives, but no amount of money can buy a true love.Too much attention to material, is bound to look down on feelings, even if the nephew does not think so this time, but do things really not very beautiful.General uncle to nephew is very good, nephew to bring home to pay a New Year’s visit, uncle can directly hide out, visible to the nephew is really disappointed.Overdraw the feelings and trust of others, perhaps temporarily can get some benefits, but such a practice is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg, it will not last.