2-0!Another upset at world Trials!The 40th team in the world has a 95% chance of qualifying for the World Cup

2022-05-10 0 By

Canada beat the United States 2-0 in the 10th round of the World Cup qualifying tournament on Sunday morning, becoming the only unbeaten team in the North American region.In addition, it was the first time in 50 years that Canada had beaten the United States in a preliminary round.This is the north American region first and second direct competition, the last round of two teams have won, Canada 19 points in 9 rounds, continue to rank first, the United States 18 points in 9 rounds, continue to rank second, point difference is only 1 point.The two teams met on Sept. 6 last year, when team USA tied Canada 1-1 at home.In the latest FIFA world rankings, team USA is ranked 11th and Team Canada 40th.Larin scored on an assist from Jonathan Davey in the sixth minute to give Canada its dream 1-0 start.The United States, unable to equalize, conceded another goal in the 95th minute, and lost 2-0 to Canada, 1-1 over two legs, the first time the team has beaten Canada in the preliminary round, creating a new humiliating record.With the win, Canada has 22 points to remain atop the North American standings and an eight-point lead over fourth-placed Panama, with just four games left to get close to qualifying for the World Cup.Canada, which has qualified for the World Cup only once since 1986, will wait 36 years to qualify for the tournament.We Global Football also predicts that Canada will qualify for the World Cup 95% of the time.The United States, stuck on 18 points, could be overtaken by Mexico to drop into third place and cut behind Panama.The United States is a Regular at the World Cup, having competed 10 times, with a best third-place finish, and the team missed the 2018 Tournament.