“Uncle Cow, very cow!”

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“Who is this comrade?The jiangnan District Fujian-yuan Sub-district Committee sent a special message to inquire and give a high evaluation of the comrade, grateful feelings overflow.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning of February 9, in the process of setting up the nucleic acid temporary testing site in Baisha Road School, Nanning city, the comrade carried all the tables and chairs by himself under the condition of serious shortage of hands, and actively participated in all the work until dawn.On the morning of February 14, a picture of a man carrying a table was posted at the office of education in Gangnam-gu.In the group, everyone praised the comrade’s good deed and praised the beautiful figure on the “epidemic” line in jiangnan.After verification, this figure is from Nanning Baisha Road school general affairs director Huang Jieyin.”I arrived at the school at 2:55 am and saw the deputy secretary of fujian Garden and two colleagues, all girls. I couldn’t bear to let them carry tables and stools in the middle of the night, so I did it.”Huang jieyin said that after receiving the notice that the school was being used as a nucleic acid testing site, he rushed to the school to help arrange the nucleic acid testing site. He completely forgot the pain caused by low back pain and stayed busy until about 6 o ‘clock.Later, Huang jieyin also carried out site inspection and demonstration together with the staff of the street office, and moved dozens of large tables and benches out of the warehouse and arranged in the 10 vertical lanes of the stadium.Work with school, community staff, party members and volunteers to design longitudinal roads, equidistant ground marking lines, put up warning belts, and set up epidemic prevention equipment.The site layout of the monitoring site was completed at 8:00 a.m. on time.”Uncle Cow, very cow!”This is the nanning City Baisha road school teachers of Huang Jieyin good name.In the following days, in order not to affect the nucleic acid test sampling work, every morning “Uncle” Huang Jieyin was the first to the school, carefully completed the testing site, start lighting, electronic propaganda equipment and other work.At the same time, with the full cooperation of school leaders and community volunteers, they jointly accepted a series of epidemic prevention and control tasks temporarily added to the school monitoring point on Baisha Road, Nanning city.Huang Jieyin said: “no matter where the body, no matter their post in that battle line, take the overall situation into consideration, facing danger not disorderly is our every party member should have quality, especially in the education front for example, we should take the lead, take the lead.”There is no such thing as quiet time, just someone bearing something for us.In recent days, jiangnan district education system a party member cadres teacher volunteers actively engaged in the war “epidemic” front line, they take the overall situation, willing to dedication, charge in the front, the courage to take responsibility, in the walking “classroom” on the education blood, winter vacation with action for the children to write the most beautiful textbooks.”Niu Shu” Huang Jieyin is one of the epitome.Guarding the community is guarding the home of one party. The Education Bureau of Jiangnan District has implemented the deployment and instructions of the urban area. In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention force at the grass-roots level, all the members of the bureau have sunk into the grid community and mobilized the party member cadres and front-line teachers of the education system to sink into the community and support the epidemic prevention work in the community.From teaching and educating to epidemic prevention and control, what has changed is work, but what remains unchanged is great love, passion and responsibility. With their actions, they have fulfilled their original mission, and with their sincere dedication, they have interpreted the social responsibility and brilliance of people’s teachers.Source: “Nanning Jiangnan Education” wechat public account edited by: Dong Yuan, edited by: Yang Minzhuo, Produced by Jiangnan Rong Media Center, email: jnqrmt@163.com