Shake!CCTV News wechat every day polite Spring Festival (ten consecutive draws come)

2022-05-09 0 By

Today is the first day of work after the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and the work is going well.Day!There are!The ritual!Just shake your phone every day and you have the chance to watch TV series, listen to books, read books, watch games for free…(Cloud tin special 360 days membership card) 7 days in a row, you can also draw 10 days in a row oh ~ (has been clocked for 7 days attention partners!Long press to identify the qr code below or click on the bottom of the article “read the original text” to get more ↓↓↓?The first day to the fifteenth day of the day just on CCTV news WeChat public dialog box enter keyword “good luck in the year of the tiger” they can enter the sweepstakes page left left left the event starting point cloud to read text group jointly by CCTV news reading tencent video, tencent sports tencent lazy chang to listen to music entertainment group jointly issued such as welfare, first come first served!I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger!Source: CCTV News