Is it true that love is shared through thick and thin?

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Writing is a bond of emotion and a bridge of communication.Thank you for meeting me. If you want, click on the top right corner to follow “Your Treasure Door” and let me accompany you through every lonely moment.In the concept that we have received since childhood, loyalty is a kind of admirable spirit, whether friendship or love, all need a certain sense of responsibility.”Share the good and the bad” was originally used to describe the deep brotherhood, willing to face everything with each other.But gradually, this has become the standard of love, only willing to share everything with each other, through common hardships, can be regarded as the most important person for each other.As solemn as the vows are: “For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, in beauty and in sickness, to love, to comfort, to honor, to keep, and to keep, for all the days of your life, to keep only unto her.”Even if these vows don’t guarantee that two people will always be there for each other in the future, the passage makes it clear that a marriage that can’t be shared through thick and thin is not eligible.Do you really like a person, you should be willing to, without complaints to accompany in his side, no matter how difficult they are, how helpless they are?Some time ago, I saw a boy suffering from a terminal illness, and his days were numbered. Unlike most touching relationships, his girlfriend, who was about to get a license, wanted to break up with him.May be familiar with the kind of one party is seriously ill, the other party does not leave, or they know that time is not much later, do not want to drag each other, determined to separate with each other’s love.We seem to be some of these rational and unfeeling behavior, the first reaction is rejection, that girls should not be so determined.But in fact, if you think about it carefully, this girl did nothing wrong, her decision is also very wise, and many of us do not have the courage to give up like her.Boys are getting worse and worse physically, which is not a material problem. No matter how hard the girls try to overcome their psychological pain and accompany each other in the last journey, they cannot change anything.It will only put you in a sad mood, make you more hesitant to take on another relationship, and make those relatives talk too much.So the seemingly heartless way to leave is the best way for both of you to hurt less.A boy will not blame himself for watching his girlfriend take care of him day and night, and a girl will not feel sad when she sees her boyfriend suffering from illness while she can do nothing.Do not stand on the highest moral point to blame others, because if you face this choice, you will only regret and hesitation.In real life, more often than not, some couples can share difficulties with each other, but may not share blessings with each other.Starting from scratch, they moved out of a rented house where their clothes were mouldy during the rainy season and owned their own small house.Then gradually, the work fell into place, the living conditions for both of them got better and better, they had a bigger house, and their transportation tools changed from electric cars to cars.From driving to driving, from buying more than a hundred cotton-padded clothes feel earned, into a few hundred pieces of short sleeves to wear comfortable.The days when the two of them lived in a rental house, shivering in the winter without air conditioning or heating, cuddling together to keep warm and munching on dollar-per-bag noodles will never come back.But the affection of two people also did not become better and better with the improvement of material life, on the contrary, there is more and more no topic between two people.From the quilt sleep to sleep in separate rooms, two people so gradually go gradually far, do not know why will be unfamiliar to such a field.Because when two people see more things, they will disagree, including how to deal with things of principle, they will accuse each other of changing.Share the good, share the bad.It’s a sign of a strong relationship between two people, but it’s not necessarily true, and it’s not something that every good couple has to abide by.When the other person does not accompany you through the rough and stormy days, does not give you a certain warmth and respect, you are husband and wife, but is not as respectful as others see.In this case, you don’t have the responsibility to share the results of your efforts with the other person, and you don’t have the responsibility to take the blame.Sometimes we live in the eyes of others, trying to do our best to be a good wife, a good husband in the eyes of others.But did not ask themselves whether this is worth it, some people are not worth their own pay, he is not good to you, so why do you never abandon it.This is based on the mutual companionship of two people. Only two people truly love each other and are willing to pay for each other can it be regarded as a correct view of love.Rather than for the opinion of others, under the moral gaze of others, to make helpless choices, be bound by these so-called right choices.