It’s great to celebrate the New Year in Taicang!

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This year, the local Chinese New Year is still advocated in Taicang there are many people responded to the call they are in Taicang is how to spend the New Year?What are the special “programs”?Follow Blab!Wonderful!Enterprise activities are rich with a leading enterprise is located in the high-tech zone, this year, the company has a total of more than 1100 employees choose to stay too New Year, in order to let them have a good year, the company’s library, KTV, supermarkets, all normal opening, and arranged a rich and colorful activities.On the second afternoon of the New Year, an activity room next to the company’s library was filled with the scent of cocoa and baking flour as a baking training session took place.That day, the teacher taught cocoa cookie making.The teacher taught carefully, we learn to invest, but the difficulty of the model is bigger, many people have chosen to make cookies.Fortunately, after baking, the same aroma is attractive.Tongwei electronic staff introduced that from the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month last year to the sixth day of the first lunar month, the company arranged 1 to 3 activities every day, a total of 14 activities, welcomed by the employees to stay in the Pacific.Prosperous!Yu Fan, 25, from Bengbu, Anhui province, has been selling beef and mutton for nearly six years.Last year, Yu fan and her husband moved from Shanghai to Taicang and opened a beef and mutton meat stall in the central market.”Business is better during the Spring Festival, so we are always busy during the festival.”Yu Fan introduced that during the festival, she often works from 3:30 am to more than 7 PM, inspection and quarantine, purchase, transportation, inventory, all the links should not make mistakes.In order to cope with the strong purchasing demand of citizens during the Spring Festival, Yu Fan prepared sufficient supplies and asked his whole family to come to Taicang to help.Her stall has been operating normally during the Spring Festival.With a small family busy rush about for everyone’s happy reunion.Yu Fan believes that as long as we do business earnestly and adhere to honest management, our life will get better and better, and we can make more contributions to the city.Happy!Mr. Huo An, the general manager of Eutech Electronics (China) Co., LTD., is a German family. They have spent the Spring Festival in Taicang for many years, writing Spring Festival couplets, watching the Spring Festival Gala and eating the New Year’s Eve dinner together.Experience traditional Chinese culture and enjoy the happiness brought by the Spring Festival!In order to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, Mr Huo an’s family of five specially put on the red T-shirt “Tiger Tiger live power”, the whole family watched the Spring Festival Gala.”The Spring Festival must have a sense of ritual.”On the first day of the lunar New Year, Mr. Huo gave big red envelopes to Chinese employees who insisted on working in their companies, as is customary in China.During the Spring Festival, Mr Huo ‘an’s way of celebrating the Chinese New Year is also full of thick “Chinese wind” : Mrs Huo ‘an taught three children to write couplets with brush, two sons also specially practiced playing songs with trumpet “Congratulations”…Picking strawberries, going to Zheng He Park, visiting relatives…The Huo family’s Spring Festival holiday is packed to the brim.”Taicang is my home. I am happy to promote Taicang and we will continue to grow old in Taicang.”Huo is still trying to learn Chinese in preparation for a better life in Taicang.A busy!It is a true portrayal of many takeout riders during the holiday period.Wu, originally from Xuzhou, has been on the job for four years.As in previous years, he still chose to stick to his post and celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.During the Spring Festival, many businesses are closed, but there are fewer riders than usual, and they are still busy.He received his first platform delivery at 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day, and the next one when he went to pick it up at Starbucks.This rhythm is the daily routine of millions of takeout boys.Wu bibo said the system usually takes whatever orders it sends, but even if the system randomly sends orders to him, he will quickly work out the most reasonable route to efficiently deliver customers’ orders.When the order is delivered to the customer on time, every thank you makes him feel very happy.”Holidays are the busiest time for our work,” said Wu. “Although I have less time to spend with my family, it’s meaningful to serve everyone.”To be happy!”The moon and stars are bright, the river is bright in the sky, there is no human voice, the voice is in the trees…”On February 4, zhang Shuang, a native of New Taicang, wrote a series of calligraphy brushes in block letters on his desk.The 500-word piece is from Ouyang Xiu’s Ode to the Sound of Autumn, and Zhang shuang plans to use the Spring Festival holiday to complete the calligraphy.Calligraphy is a hobby for this new Taicang native from Ankang, Shaanxi province.”But usually busy work, do not care”, Zhang Shuang is a grid member of Lou Dong street, has settled down in Taicang, this Spring Festival, she decided to spend the Spring Festival in Taicang.On New Year’s Eve, Zhang made dumplings with his family, cooked a sumptuous dinner and sent a New Year’s greetings via video to his parents in shaanxi Province.”During the Spring Festival, I will accompany the elderly in my family and show them around the park to experience the different taste of Taicang and the taste of happiness of the city.”As a grid member, also is taicang City peace volunteers Association Lou Dong street branch of the team manager, this year, Zhang Shuang also plans to use the holiday, strengthen business theory learning.”Grid members need to devote themselves to serving the people and conveying the public sentiment and public opinion, so as to better contribute to the happiness of Taicang.”Zhang Shuang said.Production director of Taicang Rong Media Center | Zhu Weiqi | Zhirong Media reporter | Zhang Lizhou qi | Wang Shuo | Zhang Dan Lu | Xiao Peng | Turong Media Editor | Xia Fengdan