Which is the best car for successful people?Lexella, Qin New Energy, Asiatic Lion

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Which is the best car for successful people?Hello, Xyla, Qin New Energy and Asianlion. Finally, I look forward to your arrival.I’m so excited.Xiaobian has been waiting for you for a long time, thank you for your parents’ advice, and I wish all of you a chance to make big profits, step by step promotion, lively and active, well, please immediately out of today’s content:As you know, the compact car is A level, the body usually ranges from 4.2 to 4.6 meters in length, with low fuel consumption, key strengths such as good and inexpensive, and used for daily A road car is very good, is A compact car in the most congenial surroundings, and compact car market performance in recent years are very bright.And by many young men’s favor, the following author monarch and you close in-depth analysis of the following 3 dazzling, high appearance level of compact car models, but also will reveal a lot of you unexpected tips, hope to give car friends to provide some ideas.Model 1: Mazda 3 Sierra (MRP low to 11.59W +) Sales overview: Mazda 3 Sierra since the shining debut of its core competitiveness is pretty shining, in addition, Mazda 3 Sierra transaction price is very attractive, which is particularly worth everyone’s boast.Related news, according to the Mazda 3, g Sarah in the past month market ranking list again, certainly in the proud of 04600 and successfully received the compact car sales list of the 33rd success, therefore, Mazda 3, Sarah’s progress is very good, at the same time can be said to be the famous Chinese and foreign, the colorful stars,It is more dazzling than the performance of many mainstream competing models.Still, there are a few shortcomings, but I always believe that the quality of the Mazda3 Is always the best.The reason is simple, because Mazda 3 Exela’s strong strength is the market consumers look in the eyes.In my opinion: The Mazda 3 Lexella’s superior strength is recognized in the rankings, and I believe it will soon be able to stand out in the dog-eat-dog sales arena.The whole design of Mazda 3 Enxiela is very down to earth, the car paint package is very good, at the same time, Mazda 3 Enxiela’s extremely bright lines and bones feel very good, I believe that three or five years will not lag behind.In addition, the Mazda 3 Enxela’s beautiful front, with a sunken waist line that stretches from the bumper to the C-pillar, is like a golden cudgel.With the cool LED fog light group integrated, waist line is also particularly strong, how you do not feel it out.Mazda 3 Sierra passenger seat and trunk space is very humane, at the same time make a lot of consumers are very happy, the higher end of the same price compact car model to excellent, in addition to Mazda 3 Sierra physical space layout is also very scientific, can be said to be very practical.It is 4662mm in length, 1797mm in width and 1445mm in height. Such a cool space can be crossed even if there are a lot of ordinary cats sitting in the back seat.So the Mazda 3 Lexella can meet most of the needs of daily travel.That’s pretty good.And the trunk loading capacity is very good, can also hold a lot of things.The feeling that gives the public is more practical, it is the sort of type that I like absolutely.In terms of power, the Mazda 3 Enxela is very good. It has a 158PS, low fuel consumption powertrain, and the transmission is equipped with an advanced 6 gear automatic configuration, so the Mazda 3 Enxela has an extraordinary power, which is very good.While the engine block is one of the Mazda 3’s most distinctive features, the engine is made of a stylish aluminium alloy, which has the main advantage of long life.At the same time, the latest version of the Mazda 3 Lexella is available in 1.5L and 2.0L.I think the Mazda 3 Exela stands out in a class of mainstream compact cars.The level of appearance of the Mazda 3 Hexella is impeccable, with a sharp and dynamic front face that looks great.At the same time, the internal environment is undoubtedly Mazda 3 Ixela’s biggest competitive advantage, sitting on the seat will not feel cramped, and it is also very easy to drive, is simply changan Mazda efforts to create one of the sales blessing.Grandpa Huang, the owner of Mazda 3 Exela, has the following car experience:Mazda 3, Sarah’s fuel economy is also worth mentioning, the power of gold may benefit from changan Mazda manufacturer combination, make its fuel consumption by about 3.5%, for now, small make up in addition to the daily work in the city to run, high-speed, national highway and go walk, also is worth people severely thumb up, the Mazda 3, Sarah’s eat oil is not much,With a fuel economy of less than 8.5 litres, the Mazda 3 Exelle is reasonably economical.It’s definitely strong in the compact car segment.Therefore, the author is very happy about Mazda 3 Enxela, even the women around me have said that Mazda 3 Enxela is really “times” practical, is undoubtedly changan Mazda’s masterpiece.To be honest, the Mazda 3 Exela burns more fuel if you spend a lot of time on bad roads.In terms of the position of the small series of college students who do not spend much, the cost of oil is not to worry about, because as long as the next little squeeze the cost of entertainment, it is equivalent to earning the fuel back.You don’t have to worry too much about fuel consumption on the road.Even if the suspension friction period is not very long, it doesn’t matter, because the fuel consumption of the Mazda 3 Enxela will surely decrease again after the powertrain is reintegrated.I believe many car friends will have this feeling:Chassis part was a little hard, although Mazda 3 Leon g Sarah can give you provide passengers with particularly strong driving experience, when stepping into the road speed, however, really worry about the car, sometimes more exaggerated, car goods almost all vibrations go near, if you were old granny, so sit inside is likely to feel to the stock “p” quite uncomfortable.In addition to this, there is still a diu diu awkward, Mazda 3 Leon Sarah’s occasional sudden inability to chassis area, especially on the road of potholes becomes more serious, and, in the process of deep trample accelerator can feel smaller vehicle dynamics, find four son store customer service staff, but still is not.In addition, 1. The exhaust problem of Mazda 3 Exela was serious when it was just purchased.3. Mazda 3 Lexella’s LED light group sometimes has poor visibility. In terms of the appearance and modeling of the second model qin New Energy, It is very fashionable and my boyfriends all like it very much.Intense before face, give a person a kind of te noble feeling, like a lifelike giraffe head, China open style very grounding spirit, able to bear or endure look, at the same time the qin new energy of long and narrow the handle position into a lot of shiny parts, moreover two yi yi is unripe brightness led their headlights at the top of the left and right sides, night looks very eyes.And qin New energy side of the body using the current mainstream slip back type design, the side of the waist line is relatively personality, as if the flow of the waterfall, the momentum is very powerful, the sense of movement is also very full.At the same time, Qin New energy car paint is very thin, very eye-catching.Overall, 10W “likes” is not too much.The rear position of the exhaust modeling industry leading, and there are many tall taillight phase line, look up more durable, therefore, must be a lot of observers feel that qin New energy design is more beautiful drop.Boudoir friends and relatives are consistent feel Qin New energy is good-looking.Elder brother Wu, a senior professional, said: I often go to the terminal store for a test drive due to work relations. At present, I feel that Qin New energy is quite good to open. Qin New energy seems to be relatively bulky, but the control is still relatively flexible.Model 3 Asian lion, 142800 ~ 179800 Asian lion color style to me, is more like, great, China open the element and the large led headlamp unit on both sides of the ingenious fusion, at the same time, the top face of the Asian puma led headlight design is especially have look, the whole chassis is very low, fluency is especially good,Even in potholed road conditions and other scenarios to run is relatively confident.And there is no need to lock the lines of the body, with a long body, like a beautiful white girl in general.LED taillights are also quite impressive when lit.It’s very shiny, and the details are very good, very handsome.Personally, the Asiatic Lion is also the most mainstream model at present.About the interior advantages of Asiatic Lion: The interior of Asiatic lion is absolutely very good, the assembly process is very sharp, and the error is small, at the same time, the practical buttons and black air conditioning keys are not exposed to the loose situation, the above is the evaluation of many car friends to Asiatic lion.In addition, the steering wheel in comfort mode is not too heavy, the feel is very “book” suit, and the steering direction is very accurate, thus effectively ensuring the safety of the Asiatic Lion.On the other hand, the seat back of asian-lion is soft and comfortable, and the internal fit is also very good, and the seat filling is mainly made of delicate leather materials, sitting on it is particularly comfortable, even if sitting in the car many hours, but also do not feel the waist is very uncomfortable.Of course, the scooters have to be comfortable to be worth buying, and the Asiatic lions haven’t had any foul smells so far.And the noise inside is largely imperceptible.So the Asiatic lion’s driving experience is very smooth.At the same time, instant explosive power can be said to be on call.It was awesome. There was no stuttering in the acceleration.As long as you step on the gas a few times, the acceleration effect will come up immediately.The climbing is not laborious, and the noise reduction is also very good. If you are not careful and thorough, the feeling is quite quiet. In addition, because I usually mainly pick up and drop off, there is no need to improve the power configuration too much at present.”As a mainstream product of compact cars, the Asiatic Lion is very proud,” said Xiong, the owner of the Asiatic Lion.With a length of nearly 5m, the headlights adopt the mainstream integrated design, which is particularly brilliant at night.And Asiatic lion front face in the middle of a net, silver-white chrome trim and the following bright eye panel complement each other, there are bright headlights group is located on both sides, more fashionable and eye, in addition, Asiatic lion hub “style” is also very eye, size is also very coordinated, the shape is great.I like it very much.Looking at the side, it has a special sense of sport. The shape of the tire below is also very colorful, revealing a pure and elegant sense of elegance.And the sound insulation treatment effect is the most powerful in the same level of competing compact car, I like the environment without noise.Asiatic lion’s trunk space is also good, even if a lot of luggage is easy to fit.Asiatic lion fuel consumption performance is quite good, not high.In general, the price of Asiatic lion is quite reliable, the high matching version of Asiatic lion “surprisingly” does not need 17W RMB to have a transaction, especially great, there is no dissatisfaction.The owner of the Asiatic Lion, Uncle Zhang, commented on it:I usually make friends widely, therefore is very arrogant, no personality of compact I’m despises eye, bought after Asian lion, however, every time go out to run the business think te has “face”, holding the steering wheel is quite a feeling, but also particularly sporty tall, my children often ask me what Asian lion is outside?”The Asiatic lion is your dad’s best car.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, for Asian lion is very satisfied, of course, not only price great, and driving on the road is also very comfortable, the childhood is very like car, after a lifetime of struggle, thank god finally has a private Asian lion, is also very nice, quite have the boss level of heroism, and fuel consumption is very small,It definitely meets my daily commuting needs.Ed Sheeran, owner of the Asiatic Lion:Asian lion, motivation, level is quite good in appearance, small make up comment on Today is Mazda 3, Sarah, qin new energy and Asian lion, which guided the Mazda 3, g is on the lowest Sarah, followed by qin new energy, high prices is Asian lion, as you know, the different levels of the retail price of models may be not consistent,For example, the lowest terminal prices of Mazda 3 Hexella, Qin New Energy and Asiana are as low as 108,900, 149,400 and 110,800.This shows that the price difference between the three is still very big, I do not know whether you like Mazda 3 Hexella or Asiana lion?Thank you for your advice and sincerely wish you a happy, healthy and intelligent family.If you like the author, don’t forget one key three even oh.Which is the best car for successful people?Unxela, Qin New Energy, Asiatic lion want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang