Time is life. Spend time with people who are worth spending time with

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Time is life. Spend time with people who are worth spending time with.At a certain age, there is no need to waste time and love for those who are not worth dating. After all, time is life, time is very precious, and love is even more precious.When we reach a certain age, we will have some contact with each other, so that we will feel human. People who come and watch people’s dishes will eventually become strangers, even among relatives and friends.If one of your relatives had paid a lot for you, no matter big or small will be active to help you, so you must remember their good, must repay them, after this kind of relatives are not you give money, or please you have to do is to go to a fancy restaurant consumption, they can help you, will not pick, just simple fare is enough.On the other hand, the relatives and friends you have helped, although they think you have helped them, but they take it for granted, when they ask for their help, they have no response, this kind of relatives do not need to continue to contact.If you have no money, they will ignore you. You treat them as relatives, but they don’t treat you as relatives. In the eyes of these people, interests are more important than family ties.You have to feed your family with your hard-earned money, so stop doing these meaningless things.A lottery player has shared such an experience with me privately:Ever in his purchase color a little prize for the several hundred, or even thousands of yuan of award, generally after receive bonuses to the wife management, after the news when the winning is relatives know, so there will be several relatives to borrow some money from my home, home have some things to help at ordinary times, they all refused, then all of a sudden to make yourself feel surprised at home.Relatives like this are best kept to a minimum.We can see a person clearly from one thing. It is suggested that we do something meaningful and continue to communicate with people who are worth communicating with. Only in this way can we make our life more colorful and walk our life happily and simply.As an aside, tonight lotto will soon usher in the 013 issue of the lottery, xiaobian for everyone to collect a number of wonderful tickets, only for everyone to enjoy and relax, in these tickets, because some of the ticket face value is higher, so we can not blindly follow the trend, the world has no absolute, let alone lottery.22013 Big Lotto ticket sharing is over, no matter whether these tickets will be a surprise, we should rationally appreciate, do not let the lottery affect their normal life.