Jiujiang: As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, parking lots near National Highway 105 are saturated

2022-05-03 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, with the weather gradually better, the number of people out to play increased, the flow of people and cars rose sharply, especially the flow of the scenic area soared.It is understood that the section of National Highway 105 Lushan ropeway and the section of National Highway 105 Donglinsi were lined up with vehicles, and each parking lot was saturated.In order to cope with the travel peak, during the Spring Festival, jiujiang Public Security Bureau traffic management detachment of the third brigade of all police on duty, fighting in the festival security front line, for the general public to escort the travel.It is reported that during the festival, the traffic management department dispatched additional police to place traffic facilities along the roads of the scenic area and direct and divert the passing traffic.In recent days, around 9 o ‘clock every day, the traffic flow to Lushan Mountain ropeway gradually began to increase, the passenger flow of Lushan Mountain ropeway into the peak period, parking lots near the scenic area have been full, national Highway 105 cars slow down.The traffic police department reminds: during the Spring Festival, there are many tourists going to Lushan Cableway and Donglin Temple. The general public should pay attention to the travel arrangements, pay attention to the traffic in the scenic area before choosing to go, and give priority to green travel and bus travel.(Correspondent Wang Ke) (source: Dajiang Network) Editor: Wu Chen Rector: Chen Shan review: Li Yaowei