More than 300 people stick to the beautiful “bright orange” during Spring Festival

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January 31, New Year’s Eve.More than 300 workers stick to the construction site of the Western Financial Innovation Center project and do their best to reach the target.China metallurgical supply picture January 31, New Year’s Eve.Second around sancha lake toll station exit left chengdu, chengdu putting-in-service proactively newly built near the park avenue east new district, sichuan at the spring go grassroots media interview team saw the street on the right side are showing a “light orange”, is more than 30 square meters of western financial innovation center project site, it is a rising east new district of chengdu CBD core area of the important supporting projects.The bright orange outline of the outer wall is the bright background of the Western Financial Innovation Center, symbolizing the youth and vitality of the eastern New District.According to the plan, this key project, contracted by China Metallurgical Group, will make use of the location advantage close to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, focus on the whole financial industry chain, through five formats of industrial carrier, public service, commercial space, art exhibition and vitality park, to create “chengdu-Chongqing financial pole core for mutual development”.The Spring Festival does not stop, only for the early overall use of key projects.”This Spring Festival, as the contractor, our project team continued to stick to their posts, with an average of more than 10 machines and more than 300 workers working on the site every day, sparing no effort to reach the predetermined node target.”China Metallurgical Group Chengdu Western Financial Innovation Center project commander Xu Hong was introduced.Liu Yunhong is the project safety manager of the Western Financial Innovation Center.As the first batch of China Metallurgical safety professional management personnel, Liu has been in the production of safety in the first line of “roll and roll” for more than 30 years.At the project site, he inspected the site every day, urged the construction staff to exercise safety responsibilities, and participated in the sideline of dangerous projects to ensure the smooth and controllable production of the project.Wang Lijun, who is in charge of the labor and capital work of the project, is Lao Liu’s lover.The couple have not been back to their hometown in northeast China for two years. “This is the second Spring Festival they have spent on this project.I miss my family very much, but as the person in charge of project safety, I will take the last shift and push for full delivery of the project as soon as possible.Like Mr. Liu, hundreds of project managers and workers were at the site this Spring Festival.But the construction site for the New Year, lively.Project department office area put up Spring Festival couplets, hung lanterns, on New Year’s Eve, the working time was advanced to 17 o ‘clock, more than 300 workers had a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.”We also prepared tangyuan, dumplings, after dinner the project department also organized everyone to get together to watch the Spring Festival Gala.”Xu Hong said.As early as the Spring Festival, old Liu and his wife sent a big red envelope to the old people in northeast China.In between watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve, the couple had a video call with their daughter, who works in Kunming.”After finishing the project, I must go back to northeast China and have a good sleep on the heated kang in my hometown.”Liu said.Standing at the construction site of the second phase of the Western Financial Innovation Center, the workers were lifting the glass curtain wall in a tense and orderly way. Zhang Fengkai, the project design manager, watched the site closely and put forward construction suggestions from time to time.”This is the second phase of the Western Financial Innovation Center, which consists of star-rated hotels and a ‘glass box’ business cluster.At present, the ‘glass box’ has been completed, and construction is under way on the 8-12 floors of the hotel community’s keel and the ‘large overhang’ on the top of the tower, aiming to present the appearance of ‘spring shoots breaking the ground’ as soon as possible.”Not far away, phase III and IV are under construction.At present, as the third phase of the office apartment group, the project has gone beyond “plus or minus zero” (that is, the construction under the datum level has been completed and the main above-ground construction has begun).The construction of the fourth phase of the project, including the library, art museum and park green space, was completed ahead of schedule on January 21, and workers are backfilling the landscape greening and installing the curtain wall.A series of predetermined node targets, always remind everyone: the schedule is tight.”The second phase of the project will be completed in the first half of this year.By mid-February, the fourth phase of the project will be landscaped and landscaped, and the exterior installation will be completed.Zhang Fengkai said that although the construction period is tight, but we are confident that the project will be completed on schedule.Behind him is the first phase of the project, which was started last year and completed at the end of that year.Reporters at the scene saw that in the first phase of the project, 6000 square meters of financial service enterprise gathering area, 100,000 square meters of financial headquarters enterprise office area, 4000 square meters of conference center has been completed and put into use, a “bright orange” on the roof and wall and 40,000 square meters of glass curtain wall, showing the vitality of youth.Xu Hong introduced, with the second to the fourth phase of the project will be completed, the next step, 10,000 square meters of commercial supporting area, 35,000 square meters of hotel community, 23,000 square meters of green park, art museum and library and supporting projects will be put into use as soon as possible.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: