The municipal Education Bureau investigated the artificial intelligence innovation education practice base

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“This is a simulated ecological map of ‘Four in Hanzhong’, where children carry out robot exploration according to their imagination.””Children use the robotic arm to order food intelligently.”On February 25th morning, city bureau of education of the party group secretary and chief Yang Shoukui, party member and deputy director of the Yang Zhudong, Liu Jian, zhou li, deputy director of the municipal government education steering committee full-time Open University President Hou Huijun in hanzhong city, city bureau of education in each department head to gather robot technology co., LTD., hkust – flying han technology co., LTD. Research innovation education practice base in artificial intelligence.The artificial intelligence Innovation Education practice Base is an artificial intelligence industrialization project, which is invested and established by Hanzhong Economic Development Zone and Leju (Shenzhen) Robot Technology Co., LTD., integrating r&d, display, experience and assembly, processing and production.For different application scenarios, service application robots are developed to boost the development of intelligent education, intelligent medical care, intelligent elderly care, intelligent tourism and other industries.The municipal Education Bureau investigated the artificial intelligence laboratory, intelligent manufacturing laboratory, iot sensing laboratory, algorithm development laboratory and so on. The staff demonstrated the robot operation on site and introduced various projects in detail.City bureau of education of the party group secretary and chief Yang Shoukui fully recognized artificial intelligence innovation education practices base construction work, he pointed out that the project is “research in hanzhong city” to promote cooperation in midweek key investment projects, is to build a “research in hanzhong city” brand, the important measures for enterprise together, together with artificial intelligence can assign in hanzhong city new ecological education,We will promote fairness in education, improve its quality and support its modernization.Artificial intelligence innovation education practice base has been basically completed, but its function is not perfect.Yang shoukui asked the base to give full play to the demonstration leading role, on the basis of the current construction and application of upgrading, development and integration, to promote the development of artificial intelligence education in the city.Yang Shoukui stressed that the first is to strengthen teacher training.Special training on ARTIFICIAL intelligence education will be carried out to improve the application level of artificial intelligence education for teachers in Zhuhai.Second, the construction of research bases.In accordance with the relevant construction standards of the central government and our province, to build a research base suitable for the development of teachers and students in Hanzhong.Third, update the curriculum design.In strict accordance with the complete teaching system, we should pay more attention to the curriculum design, comprehensively promote the popularization of artificial intelligence education, and truly realize the goal of cultivating innovative composite talents in the era of artificial intelligence.(By Li Ying and Wang Wei)