Jiang Minkuan served as deputy secretary of sichuan Provincial Party Committee at the age of 53 and governor of Sichuan province at the age of 55

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The motherland’s great rivers and mountains, cannot leave generation after generation of builders who pay, is they do a good job in local construction, just draw the magnificent mountains and rivers map, all the local construction pioneers, have made immortal contributions.At the age of 52, he became vice governor of Sichuan Province, at the age of 55, and at the age of 60, he became vice minister of the United Front Work Department. He was close to the people and cared for the people and local development.He also carried a pick and shovel, to the remote areas with no road to climb mountains, all the way from the grassroots to the leadership of him, and finally died at the age of 83, extraordinary achievements, who is he?What are his legendary experiences?Jiang Minkuan was born in 1930 in Wuxian county, Jiangsu Province. As a teenager, he had great ambitions: if he could not become a soldier to fight the enemy, he would become a talent to build the motherland.In his early years, he entered Shanghai Textile Industry College and studied in the mechanical department of the college. A few years later, he finished his study and graduated. He started to work at the age of 20 and joined the Party at the age of 31.He is a young man full of vigor, ambition and pursuit. With knowledge and technology, he entered the society and became a senior engineer in China.Jiang Minkuan started as a technician in 401 Factory of nonferrous Metal Administration bureau of Northeast Ministry of Industry, and gradually grew into workshop director and factory director.A few years later, he entered the road of politics, for local construction, as the governor of Sichuan Province, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, no regrets, until the end of his life.In May 1950, Jiang Minkuan was assigned to the 401 Factory as a technician as soon as he graduated from school. For the newly born New China, people and things urgently needed for industrial development such as talent, technology and equipment were in extremely short supply. As a technical talent trained by China, Jiang Minkuan naturally had to make contributions to the slow-developing industry.He just entered the factory, not because of some knowledge and technology on the free, but know less practice, especially to learn from the old mechanic.After two years of work and study, he rose from technician to workshop director and vice chairman of factory trade union.In 1952, Mr. Jiang was introduced to Russian, which came in handy when he interned in Soviet factories.In the past three years, Jiang Minkuan has not only made progress in language, but also made more progress in skills, and had a deeper understanding of the economic development led by science and technology.In 1955, Jiang Minkuan became the workshop director of the State-owned 101 Factory. Although he was a leader, he was not arrogant or superior. Instead, he often went deep into the workers to discuss techniques with them and ask them whether they had any difficulties in life.Since 1966, Jiang Minkuan began in the state-owned 112 factory office, the factory is also called the state-owned aircraft factory, many of our country’s fighters are manufactured in the factory.Fighter is of great significance to China’s national defense construction, Jiang Minkuan worked here for 16 years, as the chief engineer and director of the position, highly responsible for each work, to ensure that there is no mistake.In 1982, at the age of 52, Jiang moved to a new position in Sichuan, serving as vice governor and deputy party secretary the following year. He stayed in Sichuan for many years, becoming governor at age 55.He said: “Sichuan is poor because there is no road. Without road, even if there is a factory, it is dead.”In this way, he went to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture with a pick and a shovel to cut open the mountain, improve the traffic conditions for the people of Sichuan, and also went to Shenzhen for investigation with Yang Rudai.When he saw the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to bring about the modernization of Shenzhen, he praised, but more want to achieve the same development for Sichuan.Fortunately, at that time, Shenzhen allocated a piece of land for some provinces, cities and autonomous regions to establish a liaison base in Shenzhen. After Chiang and Yang er visited shenzhen special Zone, they immediately approved the construction of “Sichuan Mansion”.In 1990, at the age of 60, Jiang minkuan became vice minister of the United Front Work Department.During the work in Sichuan, had been to the party school cadre class for half a year, learning is endless, learning is never too much.Jiang minkuan died in 2012 at the age of 83.He looked at fame and wealth all his life, did not seek dignitaries, and strive to have a clear conscience. He loved his workers and respected the common people. This simple, kind and diligent working spirit is a quality that every young person can not lose.Now, si Ren is gone, the style will last forever.