Chinese women’s football coach into steamed bun again?Fans support + ten million prize!Can you give me a 5-year appointment?

2022-04-25 0 By

On the night of February 6th, the Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team 3-2. After the final, a certain treasure announced to take out the bonus immediately. It announced that the Chinese women’s football team would be rewarded with 13 million yuan, and clearly stated that the coaching team led by Shui Qingxia would be rewarded with 3 million yuan!Visible recognition of it.The women’s team came back to win the championship 3-2.After the match, the official website of FIFA also congratulated the Chinese women’s football team for their great performance, saying that “The Chinese women’s football team has regained the Asian crown with a stunning comeback”.Korea coach Colin Bell is sitting on the bench.He became the backdrop for the women’s team’s victory.At the post-match press conference, Colin Bell found an excuse for the loss, saying: “We had a two-goal lead in the first half, but the penalty in the second half disrupted our plans…But he admitted: “I was surprised by how tough they played for 90 minutes.”Didn’t the Chinese women’s football team get a penalty kick?Apparently Shui Qingxia’s adjustment is more than his one-upmanship.Women’s football team won the Asian Cup again after 2006, and the number of times has reached 9, at least 3 times that of any other country. This time, they won the great prize and won the honor. We know that the coach of Chinese women’s football team will become fragrant bun again from now on!So don’t use the men as an excuse, don’t use the 2002 World Cup as an excuse to let someone lead the women’s football team again!Come on, management gods!I don’t want the men’s soccer team involved, do I?Let’s go our separate ways, people who know the ball…That’s about five years old, isn’t it?