CCTV host Zhu Guangquan was right about police officers across the country.

2022-04-25 0 By

On January 31, the auxiliary police officers of meizhou West Railway Station in Guangdong province were on duty.The picture shows Tang Yahui and Yin Qihui, husband and wife policemen of Qixia Public Security Sub-bureau, on January 31, her husband Mei Ning was on duty, and her wife Wu Juxue was standing by the window to handle various documents for the masses.Both husband and wife are policemen of Gulou Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau and stick to their posts together.February 1: Police from the International Tourism resort of Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau are on duty at Disneyland.On February 2, Luo Zhanglin, a police officer of Yongshang Police Station of Xinjin District Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, guided tourists in the Flower Dance World scenic spot.February 4: Police in the capital went all out to ensure the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Their guard is everywhere they are in peace to all the police, auxiliary police salute!