Residential greening is occupied, the party “missing”?Putuo’s they strike…

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Spring breeze and spring rain add spring green, for living in the town really such as the residents of some community, can let oneself feel carefree in this vibrant march day, not only have this vientiane renewal of the excitement and joy, but also because of a group of people sincerely, the whole heart to protect green city management team members moved and happiness.Not long ago, in the community to reflect the “occupy green destroy green”, really such as city management squadron members immediately went to the scene to carry out investigation and disposal.In the neighborhood committee, property to understand the relevant situation, law enforcement personnel confirmed the illegal fact, and immediately tried to contact the party to correct, but encountered the party “missing” accident.File photo In the face of unexpected situations, law enforcement officers vary from do not rely on, on the scene of the surrounding people for legal education, clearly informed “occupy green destroy green” the illegal nature of this behavior and may bear the legal consequences.On this basis, the team members also mobilize residents to contact parties in time, consciously restore the original appearance, and solemn commitment to regular review.However, during a return visit several days later, the team found that the occupied green belt was still uncorrected.In view of this situation, the urban management team immediately, together with the community property and the third party service force, knocked out the cement paving that occupied the green space, and urged the relevant units to replant the green space in time, so as to protect the public interests of the community residents.”Spring was bright and green.”Now is the good time for all things to recover, but also the best time for the masses to feel the changes in the surrounding environment, Putuo Urban management also took this opportunity to appeal to the general public, “the green environment of the community is related to the public rights and interests, every flower and every tree is the object of legal protection!Don’t change it for personal taste, don’t destroy it for personal need.If you find any suspicious behavior, please report it to the management department. Let’s work together to create a better life.”For the rehabilitation of the community, the chengguan members said that it is their responsibility, in the face of violations of the interests of the people, they will investigate to the end, to the end.In the future, the team will continue to focus on the “urgent and anxious” problems around the majority of residents, increase publicity and education, increase supervision and rectification, cohesion of the neighborhood committee, property, volunteer force, curb illegal behavior, from the beginning of the problem, effectively maintain the residents of the living environment.
File: Shanghai Putuo Chengguan
Editor: Li Hua

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